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Amidst insecurity, Buhari says Nigeria's pride restored by 'success' against Boko Haram

President Muhammadu Buhari has failed and will fail Woefully without Restructuring Nigeria. –  Samuel Adeyanju

The most important assignment before any leader of a country is that of security and when a leader has failed in that assignment he has already failed in all, for life gives meaning to hope and a miss is as good as a mile.

The wisdom of God says that he who walks with the wise shall be wise but a companion of the fools shall be destroyed. Wisdom is nothing other than the correct application of knowledge and in other words, if one is knowledgeable and does not know what to do with his knowledge he/she is not different from a fool. The children of Issachar of the bible are not reputed to understand just the times and seasons, they also understood what Israel ought to do.

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Fools are easily identified and fit in for description as those who know where they want to be but who do not know how to get there. This paints a picture of the majority of Nigerians both illiterate and the educated illiterate who have been in bondage since independence in 1960 and are still in bondage today for lack of knowledge of how to gain freedom. Hear me and hear me well, I was privileged to be born in a prominent town called Zaria in the northern part of Nigeria shortly after the independence in 1960. I was raised in that beautiful town feeding on all the delicacies of the fulanis and the Hausas.

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This town you may which to know was founded by a warrior woman called queen Amina and also harbors the Nigerian army depot where all the Nigeria army recruit have to go for training and where almost all the great names that we have in the Nigeria army today had passed through. It is sad to observed with great disappointment that the town still remains the way it was about 60 years ago. This is just to tell you how under developed the northern part of the country has been since then and even now.   The northerner have been privilege to produce more Presidents and Head of States than the south-south, south-west and south-east all put together.

I stand to be corrected on this. But with all these to the advantage of the north the people have nothing to show for it, they only epitomize poverty and under-development. however, as the saying goes, no man can give what he does not have and those who work with those who do not have what it takes to make progress and development happen for their people will end up thinking and behaving like them. The fulanis are the problems of Nigeria because from the knowledge acquired from history, they conquered most of the Hausa states during the Fulani Jihad lead by Usman Dan Fodio.

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Nigerian state cracks down on Fulani herdsmen - Terrorism - WORLD

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It is dishearten that the yorubas have made themselves tools to be used by the fulanis and it is not surprising that what used to be the problem of the north in Boko-haram insurgency, banditry and kidnapping is now the problem of the south. The song on the lips of the foolish and mentally retarded southerners including all the corrupt and senseless members of the house of assembly is now 2023 elections. It is insanity for people to try to hide behind a needle and believe that they are safe and hidden. The truth which has to be told to the youths of Nigeria who are Heroes of the #ENDSARS protest is that now is the time that they need to take their destiny in their own hands, for beyond the river of now there is no hope and future for them.

Beyoncé, Rihanna, Nas, and More, Stand in Solidarity with #ENDSARS

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The foundation of Nigeria is already destroyed as there is no progressive constitution which can serve as a wheel on which the fortune and the future of the nation called Nigeria can rotate. All the leaders that are envisaging 2023 as a promising future are a clog in the wheel of the progress of Nigeria. The only thing that can save the soul of Nigeria and savage the nation from her rottenness is re-structuring and this calls for a re-visit of the 2014 national conference as a starting point. The fear of restructuring which is good for all Nigerians if not conquered, will eventually lead us inevitably to the painful and avoidable disintegration of the country. A stich in time saves nine. A word is enough for the wise. God bless Nigeria.

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By Samuel Adeyanju

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