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108 Reasons Why You Love America (The Privileged Liberal's Edition) | by Carly Schwartz | Medium

There is a saying that everyday which translates into all is for the thief but one day is for the owner. It is important for one to know the distinction between contribution and commitment which in other words make a distinction between faith and believe. Take the case of the eggs and the bacon as an example of where the chicken makes the contribution and the pig makes the commitment.

In the world that we are in today and borrowing a leaf from one of the songs of the late reggae star Bob Marley which says “man to man is so unjust such that you don’t know who to trust. Your worst enemy could be your best friend and your best friend could be your worst enemy”. Leaders in the world today have taken to the platform of task masters instead of that of servant and that is why there is groaning and oppression everywhere such that in most cases only the intervention of God almighty provides the way out for the people.

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America has experienced some difficult moment in modern times in the forms of COVID 19 pandemic as well as the unprecedented and shameful act of insurrection of January 6th 2021. Little did we understand as Americans the actual source of the corona pandemic as the only instrument of investigation into the root causes had been scientific at the expense of spiritual and that to a great extent limited our options and capacities for making appreciable and solution providing discoveries. God uses things both human and non-human to command the attention of people and to proof his supremacy over all His creatures. However, the more of Him you know, the more of yourself you know and the more ways of escape that will be available to you both as humans and nations of the world.

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Game-Changer': Kamala Harris Makes History As Next Vice President | New Hampshire Public Radio


The emergence of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris was greeted by great oppositions and one of them being the desecration of the Capitol Hill which represents the citadel of the American democracy, an act made possible by the false claims of election fraud by the former president Donald trump and the incitement of insurrection against the government of America. Because this barbaric and shameful action of the formal president was unprecedented, one begins to wonder why Mr. Trump and his supporters who fit in for description as “terrorist” should be so aggressive and destructive by bringing the reputation of America into questions before the world. The answer is not far-fetched as those who are perceptive and who can differentiate between the wheat and the chaff easily identify the monster called “racism” as the root cause of the problem.

Elections matter. Movements matter more. – Communist Party USA

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Another major cause of this problem can be traced to the contribution of the evangelical ministers in America who stood solidly behind my Trump from the unset by praying for him and giving false assurances such as include making him to belief that he was the God-sent leader to prevent the coming of the anti-Christ as prophesied in the Bible. As it may not be appropriate to condemn those ministers of God out-rightly because of their calling, none the less is important to point out their errors and make it clear to them that they were complicit in the attempt made to forcefully overturn the wishes of the Americans as expressed by the outcome of the November 3rd 2020 presidential election as well as the attack on the citadel of American democracy which left five people dead. The actions of the ministers of God rather than being productive and progressive turned out in the contrary simply because they were insensitive to the Holy Spirit. If God actually wanted Donald Trump for the purpose that they had conceived nothing would have succeeded in over turning His plan and purpose.

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Donald Trump back on Twitter after temporary ban; stays blocked on Facebook, Instagram

On a final note, all Americans are now in the valley of decision and they can be no better time than now to rescue the soul of America and to make it great again. President Joe Biden and vice president Kamala Harris are on a mission to redeem the bartered image of America before the world. It is time for all Americans to come together as one indivisible entity under God and to work out the salvation of America, for trusting is committing ALL into ONE and entering an agreement before all the relevant questions are asked. America in God we trust? God bless America.

By Samuel Adeyanju

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