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An expelled student of Bishop David Oyedepo’s citadel of learning, Covenant University, Emmanuel Adooh has taken to his social media platform to express why he was expelled and how he has won the law suit against the school.

According to Concise News, the student alleged that the registrar of the school sleeps with several female student of the higher institution and expels whoever refuses to accept his sexual advances.

Adooh revealed in a tweet that he was expelled from the school after the registrar used one Omotayo Dada to set him up.

He said he almost committed suicide following the incident which happened in April and in his five years in the school, for what he knew nothing about.

According to the tweet, he took the school to court and his lawyer identified as “Mr Falana” helped him win the case.

However, twitter users have reacted to Adooh’s allegations against the institution.

“Adooh Emmanuel’s case vs Covenant University is another reason why rushing to call people names without facts/evidence should end with you. Imagine all the people who wrongly judged him. I’m glad he got justice. And to Mr Registrar & the school management, you should be ashamed.” Bhadmus Hakeem wrote

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Classic Man said, “Also @MuyiwaOludayo has to be the most dishonest person in the history of Covenant University. You sir are a cancer to that institution. An accomplished cheat and manipulator.”

“Reading that guy’s story. It feels so real!!! Maybe I should tell the story of how I got suspended too. It doesn’t matter now that I’ve risen above it but Covenant University threw me into the lowest point of my life for something that wasn’t my fault. Rx_Deyholar said.

Kemi Ariyo stated that, “This is the second time in the year 2018 a well-respected lecturer at Covenant University is being accused of molesting a student.”

“I wasn’t even surprised about this covenant University stuff, the level of corruption in that University is on another level…I remember when we had to go there to sell n service their projectors,I shock for the corruption.” Emir revealed.

By Ololade Olatimehin

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