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Founder of Sam Ore Ministries, Reverend Sam Ore has said on Friday that the troubles the world is faced with today is not as a result of sin but lack of knowledge.

The pastor made this known while speaking at the program tagged “The Supernatural Life” at God’s Chamber Church, Glory House, Ogba, Lagos.

In his opening charge, he told the congregants that “this is a time for everybody who calls himself a Christian to know Jesus by himself because of many confusions, people are asking so many questions that they don’t have answers to, people are leaving churches, sin is not the problem but knowledge.”

“A lot of people are discouraged, confusion everywhere. There’s hopelessness everywhere except where the line of the gospel is being preached. Now there is a disruption that is about to hit that will reveal Christ again like never before.”

The speaker for the day, Pastor Taiwo Lemoshe, in his sermon said that Christians have over magnified the works of the devil, as such there are cases were Christians are over conscious of their enemies rather than themselves and the Christ that dwells in them.

He further stated that “the fact that Jesus is mentioned does not mean Jesus is known. There is a Jesus that plays in Manchester City, He is mentioned every weekend and sometimes when He does not perform maybe the commentator says nonsense about Him. His manager says Jesus are you crazy? Can’t you see that you should score but the matter of fact is that because Jesus is mentioned does not mean that Jesus is known.

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“As a matter of fact, there are people who are saved today but are yet to know who He is. Until He’s revealed He cannot be known”

Pastor in charge of the church’s media, Ayokunle Oluwatayo, told Giantability Media Network in an exclusive interview that the purpose of the program was to bring Christians together to commune in unity.

He explained saying “actually we had our senior friend, Reverend Samore, from the United States, who came together for the conference in three regions, the United Kingdom(UK), Ilorin and Lagos. It is a three legged conference one is done already in the UK, the Ilorin program which took place during the week and the Lagos program, which kicked off today.”

“It is a conference for the believers organized by a believer and it is expected to bring believers from all works of life together so we can learn and refresh our understanding on the supernatural life,” Oluwatayo said.

When asked if the program was planned to accommodate other Nigerians from varied states, he affirmed saying the Ilorin version of the conference was organized to cater for those in the Northern part of Nigeria while a live streaming covers the Lagos conference for easy hook up for people all over.

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The pastor also charged Christians to come expectant as the program runs through till Sunday, assuring them of what the Bible says.

“The expectations of the righteous shall not be cut off and expectation is what births manifestation, adding that nobody knows it all and iron sharpeneth iron, as such when gathered, ideas are shared and we rub minds and I believe there is something that the spirit has in stock for believers and that is all this conference is about.”

“Let us gauge the mind of the spirit and know exactly what God is saying to the church.” The Media director concluded.

By: Anne Bassey

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