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Tag Archives: nigerian youth

#ENDSARS PROTEST: 2023 Is a Mirage; Don’t Tie Your Future To It – Samuel Adeyanju

It does not matter how long you have gone on a journey that takes you to a wrong destination, wisdom demands that unrealizing your errors the only alternative is to turn back. The politician only thinks about winning an election while the statesman is concern with the future of a country. Nigerian political terrain is … Continue reading

Quit Notice for President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria – Samuel Adeyanju

Hello Mr. President Muhammadu Buhari GCFR, Commander in Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This is the word of the Lord for you. The earth and the fullness thereof belong to my Father and the Authority to admit into and eject from any of His buildings in all the countries of the world belongs … Continue reading

#ENDSARS: Nigerian Youth have all the weapons to meet all their needs – Samuel Adeyanju

Every day is unique and therefore expects a unique way of dealing with our problems. There is a popular saying that you cannot continue to do the same thing the same way and expect to see different result. So many people are loaded but are ignorant of the fact and that is why you see … Continue reading

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