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It does not matter how long you have gone on a journey that takes you to a wrong destination, wisdom demands that unrealizing your errors the only alternative is to turn back. The politician only thinks about winning an election while the statesman is concern with the future of a country. Nigerian political terrain is crowded and we have more of politicians and less of statesmen. There is no miracle in 2023 that is worth investing your energy on, for you are already a miracle.

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Image result for endsars protest

The only way out of this dungeon of uncertainty and political impasse is for the youth to cry out through the only legitimate means which is peaceful protests. The “speak up” (soro-soke) experiment has proved to the youth that there are no listening and responsive leaders up there to cry to. Once beaten twice shy, the #endsars protest that culminated in the lekki massacre was an eye opener because it started as a peaceful protest and continued as such until it was hijacked by thugs of the government as a way of giving a bad name to a dog in other to hang it.

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The way forward this time around realizing that the police can easily be used against the peaceful protesters, is to engage the services of the AMOTEKUN who are to serve as watch-dogs against the unscrupulous element that the government may want to use against the success of the protest.

Great Nigerian youth, do not be deceived 2023 is a ruse and is tantamount pursuing the shadow and leaving the substance. It is not far from being true that Nigeria youth have the number, but of what use is a house that is divided against itself?

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Recall, that the youth in the north have their own way of thinking which is myopic and this can be seen in how they were indifferent to the plight of the youth from the other parts of the country during the last #endsars protest. What should be the focus of the youth now is how Nigeria can be restructured as that is the only way by which the country can enjoy a healthy competition and the youth who are progressive can translate from being a wandering generality into a meaningful specific.

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On a final note, you don’t have to be blind to see; you have been on-lookers for too long and have skirted round about this mountain of indecision long enough. Our problem has never been in setting our goals too high and not achieving them, but in setting them too low and achieving them. All the thought of a turtle is turtle, think wise and be not be deceived, you are a miracle and you do not need a miracle.

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God bless Nigerian youths, God bless Nigeria.

By Samuel Adeyanju


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