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Every day is unique and therefore expects a unique way of dealing with our problems. There is a popular saying that you cannot continue to do the same thing the same way and expect to see different result. So many people are loaded but are ignorant of the fact and that is why you see the son of a meat seller scrambling for bones for survival. We also see people go thirsty even in the abundance of water. When a man deceives you the first time that man is a fool, but when you allow him to deceive you the second time then you have become like him, even more foolish than him.

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The saying of the Bible that; when the righteous is in power the person rejoice and when the wicked is in power the people groan, is the truth. I experience its truism and relation to the situations confronted with during the four year tenure of the embattled former President Donald J. Trump and the new President Joseph Biden. Throughout the four year tenure of the former president Donald Trump, life in America especially with the people of color was completely hellish and uncomfortable.

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However, between January 20th 2021 when President Joe Biden and his vice Kamala Harris took the oath of office, life has become completely opposite with the people of what it used to be and you can feel it in all aspects of the people’s live. There is a leader and there are leaders and our prayer for Nigeria is that God with a strong hand should bring for Nigeria the long awaited change in the leadership of our dear country.

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As far as Nigeria is concern, my candid opinion is that we don’t have leaders in the rear sense of it and all we have right now are “killers”. This is a foundational problem which has no simile identifiable solutions but I’m glad to let you know that there is no problem without a solution and not finding the solution does not mean it is not there. The #ENDSARS protesters should take heart and be encouraged, knowing that life is understood from backwards and lived forward.

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It is important also to understand that there are different approaches to different problems and that is why a wise counselor suggests that; for a goat, fear it from the front, for a horse, fear it from the rear and for a man fear him from all sides. Bear in mind also, that pharaoh did not give-up to Moses after the first plagues that God brought upon him, he only gave up after the tenth plague. One of the #ENDSARS protesters responding to my earlier write up said to me “no one goes to war without a weapon”.

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He was only trying to tell me that it makes no sense fighting the problems in Nigeria and the government which has all the police and army in its custody with bare hands. In as much as I want to agree with him, I also have a reason to disagree. Moses never knew that the rod in his hand was a weapon and the only instrument they needed in his hand for the liberation of his people, the children of Israel from the land of bondage.

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The street protest was a huge success as far as sensitization of Nigerians was concern and “sokosoke” that is speak-up was a wonderful slogan that worked with the protest at that time. Speaking from experience especially now that the #ENDSARS protesters and the five-to-five demand are being swept under the carpet, I don’t think this is the time for us to go to sleep for nothing comes to sleepers but dreams.

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This time in Nigeria especially for the youth calls for introspection and creativity. Are the majority of the #ENDSARS protesters not graduates and university students? If the answer is in the affirmative, suffice to say therefore that your brains and your pens are powerful weapons that even the devil who is the father of the leaders in Nigeria is not strong enough to withstand what you have.

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If all the brains that some of the youth in Nigeria engage in the yahoo yahoo business can be invested towards the transformation of the country which begins by delegitimizing government has made possible by recognizing that the constitution on which the government is built is illegal and pointing this out to them with pressure applied with the use of pens which are instruments reputed as capable of making both wars and peace then rest assures that the battle is won and power cannot but change hands from the wicked leaders to the youth.

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It is important also to sound this instruction to the youth that the era of “sorosoke” meaning speak-up has gone and what is relevant now is “sorosita” which means speak-out. The youth of Nigeria must put pressure on the leadership of the United Nations and call for justice and intervention against the Nigerian leaders. Let President Biden and the allies of America who are practicing true democracy understand that what we have in Nigeria as a system of government, is far from being democracy but “polished autocracy” and that human right record of each of the Africa countries should be the yardstick for support or sanction. Nigerian youths should make it known loud and clear that the developed countries and the united nations needs to find a way of rescuing the downtrodden citizen of the African countries especially those who claim they are in democracy.

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They should bear in mind also that it is not enough to cry foul whenever and wherever there is a coup in any of the African countries, rather they should be proactive and work against those conditions that led to coup in the first place. Nigeria is a good example of one of the African country to sanction and to be denied all the support that usually flows down from the United Nations and major developed countries in the form of aids.

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The Nigeria youth can take all the above steps and more in crying to God first and foremost and to other helpers from outside the shores of Nigeria. Enough of suffering and smiling and enough of suffering in silence, for it is time to cry out and you should not hold your peace. You have all the weapons you need to meet all your needs if only you are willing and ready to put them to use.

God help the Nigeria youth and God bless Nigeria.

By Samuel Adeyanju

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