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The world order is gradually deteriorating into a disorder. Of what importance, for God’s sake, is an organization that was created and saddled with the responsibility of preventing and ending wars If what goes on right now in Ukraine as well as in Palestine cannot be brought to a permanent conclusion? There is no difference between the act of invasion and occupation except that one precedes the other. Nevertheless, both are evils that are to be prevented and ended. There is no occupation without invasion, and to this end, both evils deserve to be treated as crimes to humanity. Focusing the attention of the whole world only on invasion and not on occupation is diversionary, discriminatory, and wrong to say the least.

I have always observed how the United Nations reacts to issues of invasion and occupation, but not seeing justification in the manner by which attention is given to these two problems. The attention of the western press has been given entirely to the war in Ukraine looking away on what is going on between Israel and Palestine. Every life is important, for it has no duplicate or replacement. For the sake of humanity and God, if that is permissible, something has to be done to bring to fulfillment the promise made to these two warring nations of Israel and Palestine. Peace should be non-negotiable.

In the strongest terms, the invasion of Ukraine by Russia is being condemned and is still condemnable, but what do we say to the occupation of the Palestinians’ land by Israel? Justice does not only have to be served but must also be seen as served well.

At this juncture, I would like to note that religion has been reduced to the background in the affairs of the international organizations, and this is borrowed from countries like America where there is a strict law that separates religion from the state. Separating religion from the state is impliedly separating God from the state, organizations, and the affairs of men. There is no action that can be taken in this kind of a situation that will guarantee perfect peace. There can be no peace where God is absent. It does not matter what science is saying. Science at its best is not close to the beginning of the supernatural wisdom, which only God gives.

Let’s bring God to bear on the affairs of the world, for He created the world in the first place and He alone can fix the world. The peace that the international community is trying to achieve for the world is farfetched and will ever remain elusive until the search begins from point A, which is God, to point B, which is peace, but doing it in reverse only makes you to go in circles.

You cannot punish disobedience when your obedience is not complete. One man can make a difference, whether for good or for bad, and an example is Russian President Putin. Depending on where the pendulum of judgment swings in the case of Putin, there are other world leaders who can lead by example to call for two wrongs cannot make a right. This medium is to call on the Russian President Putin to a cease fire order. If man is above man, take it or leave it, there is God that is above all.

It is time for the war against Ukraine to come to a final conclusion. It is not designed to go beyond this month of April 2022, and so shall it be. It is time for the siege to be over.

Notable is the hypocrisy that is ongoing, which is the bane of godly ideas. If there is a book in the world which predicts certain events and accurately, it is easy for the world to embrace and rely on such a book. Is the world pretending not to know that what goes on within it today in the forms of wars, rumors of wars, pestilences, earthquakes, hurricanes, and all manners of the negative effects of climate change? Then does the world also not know that there is a book that has already foretold all the happenings? Matthew 24 is where to find answers to the world’s most difficult-to-solve problems.

Suffice it to say that struggles will continue forever, and peace will also remain elusive until man is ready to return to its original creator. I have looked around and cannot catch any glimpse or foresee any hope in this world without God. You may not like to hear this but that is the bitter truth for free. Let’s give peace a chance.

Samuel ‘Tunji Adeyanju

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