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Tips to Help Your Child Learn to Pray

In our Religious Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we always put high value in the practices and disciplines that can strengthen and deepen our understanding of God. At the same time, we allot time for activities that will help nurture our dependence on the Almighty. Prayer is a form of spiritual discipline that we diligently practice and advocate for at GIANTABILITY.

In our organization, we believe that prayer can remind us of the frailties of being human and the sovereignty of God. So, we pray in every opportunity we can. If this is also the desire and intent of your heart, we encourage you to inspire your little ones to also pray.

Here are some very helpful ways to do that:

  • Start with a Memorized Prayer
    A child’s learning experience is greatly enhanced by what they have memorized early on. Their learning on letters, numbers, and colors has been influenced by their memorized nursery rhymes. You can apply the same principle on prayer. You can give your child a prayer they can memorize and recite before they go to sleep, before eating, and others. In time, you can trust that these words will bear fruit in their spiritual being.
  • Ask for Their Concerns
    It can also help when you encourage your child to share their personal concerns. This is an opportunity for you to introduce how God is able to answer prayers. Their “need” may not appear as heavy as yours, but welcome it still the same. They can be reaffirmed in knowing that God listens to them too.
  • Let Them Hear You Pray
    Setting yourself as an example of praying can greatly influence your child to also pray. Being a non profit organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we believe that the parents who impart valuable examples to their children through actual modeling can make a lasting influence in their lives.
  • Pray as a Family
    Let prayer be an affair for the whole family. When you’re praying with the rest of the family, not only will you get to bond with each other. You can also show that prayer is an essential element to strengthen family ties and relationships. This then can be a practice and discipline they can pass on to their own children.
  • Let Them Hear Others Pray
    Aside from your family, other people can also be a model for your child when it comes to praying. Allow them to attend prayer gatherings where they can hear different people expressing their concerns to God in different ways. This is also going to encourage in knowing that prayer is also a community practice.
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Do you need someone to pray with you? We’re just here. We’re not only a Charity Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we also support families and individuals who desire to grow deeper in their walk with God.

If you know someone who is looking for this kind of inspiration, share this post with them!

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