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The Genesis of the idea of the Yoruba Nation can be connected to so many factors which includes political, economic, social, and cultural but it is certain that the destination in mind is long overdue. We as a people that made up the old Nigeria have lived long enough to be able to appreciate what each ethnic group is made up of and wired for. If all heads can be brought under one progressive thinking cap at this time of our journey to our destinations, worrying against ourselves should not be something to consider for destroying any one of the constituent entities that make up the pilgrims is destroying the future for all.


Who ever thought that Bill Gates and Melinda Gates could part ways after 27 years of memorable contributions to world’s needs? The lesson to learn from this is not that of the separation per say but the peace surrounding it. This can be done to anything and anywhere in the world. It only shows how civilized or uncivilized a people can be.


Having given quality time to meditate and ponder on the agitations of the various ethnic groups in Nigeria, one thing that stands out is that of patience, tolerance and resilience which are the virtues that have kept these diverse groups of people together for a long time. Looking deep into the diverse beliefs, cultures, and traditions of the various ethnicities that came together to form Nigeria, one will not be wrong to describe the length of time of being together as a nation as a miracle.

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The idea of the Yoruba Nation and its pursuit has revealed the high level of illiteracy in Nigeria and how it has been used to perpetuate the captivity of the people. The problem of communication has also been brought to the fore as we see clearly that taking electricity, internet connections and data from a people is the making of walking corpses on our streets. The availability of the afore mentioned social infrastructures in advanced countries of the world is the reason for the continuous development they record as against the pit of stagnation into which most African countries have been plunged. Surprisingly, in spite of the elaborate preparations made toward the held mega rallies in the southern states and the one slated for June 12 which will hold in all countries of the earth where we have the Yorubas, people are still not informed adequately.


The problem of information dissemination is a deliberate action aimed at serving the people and rendering them uninformed, ill-advised and impotent. These are the situational problems that have defiled all known solutions towards achieving a peaceful, progressive and egalitarian society. Using this medium to call on various actors and stakeholders in the Nigerian Project and making it abundantly clear that Nigeria needs to be broken down into actualizable proportions which for certain the Yoruba Nation and the Biafran states are parts of it.

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Enough of deceit and cajoling. Nigeria as a dead end road has no future and it will amount to a great disservice if we fail to salvage the destiny of Nigeria for our children and the future generation. It has to be always good to be beautiful and there is one thing which is stronger than all the soldiers in the world and that is an idea whose time has come. It is painful to want to part ways with friends and acquaintances who because of the length of time of living together have become families but of what importance is living together if the purpose is not for bettering lives. For a country like Nigeria who is the most populous black nation in the world to still have thousands of uneducated youths roaming about the streets as Almajiris is a clear evidence of lack of readiness to turn around the tide of underdevelopment and retrogression and at the end of the day, it has always been the southerners bearing the burned of these avoidable waste of resources and potential.


On a final note, a point of correction for the senate president who misused the word, secession for self-determination. The Yorubas are not planning to secede. We are only dissolving the union and as a board escaping from the snare of the fowlers. The trap is broken and we are escaped. All bonafide Yorubas cannot afford to miss this golden opportunity being brought our way by God. Yoruba Nation is now!
While the politicians are busy doing their works, the state men should also not play into the hands of the politicians whose only considerations and concerns are just how to win elections. Congratulations to the southern governors for the bold step taken in making important declarations on how to move the country forward even though some of the issues raised are no longer feasible in the chemistry of nation building.


However, we hope that the governors will stand their grounds and renege not on their promises even if it’s going to be for the first time in history.

By Samuel ‘Tunji Adeyanju

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