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If you’ve encountered difficulty in understanding the Bible, you’re not alone. Being one of the oldest literature present, the Bible contains unusual styles, figures of speech, and examples that are far distant from today’s culture. But if you have it in your heart to learn what the Bible teaches, GIANTABILITY can assist you. As a religious organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we allot Bible reading schedule every day which you can join in at your most convenient time.

Meanwhile, you can still capture the timeless truth of what we hold as God’s Word through the following tips:

  • Stay in context

    Context is the immediate setting of the Bible passage that you’ve read. As you read a particular set of verses, for instance, know about factors such as its writer, intended audience, circumstances, and cultural history. The context sheds light on the original intention of the passage; thus, helping the reader to create personal applications that are relevant to the context.

  • Be honest with emotions

    The Bible is surprisingly composed of all different kinds of human emotions. There are lamentations, anger, fear, and of course, positive joy, celebration, and love. When a passage stirs up a particular emotion, don’t hold it back. If the verse made you realize a sinful action and you’re moved to cry, then cry it out. That’s our way of saying that God knows what we’re feeling and He listens to our cries.

  • Be mindful of verbs

    In English grammar, verbs are words that pertain to an action, such as “worship”, “repent”, or “serve”. Verbs are significant in Bible passages because they provide the action points for the reader. This is the part where you, as the reader, need to make a response to what you have read. After all, knowledge without application is vain. This is also how significant choices and life changes begin.

  • Take notes

    If you’re not into this note-writing habit yet, you can try it yourself. As you read a Bible verse, write your personal thoughts about the passage. It could be a question, a realization, or a clarification. You can use these notes to help you gain deeper understanding. You can also ask our team at GIANTABILITY to help clarify some questions that you might be having.

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Many people all over the world have already testified on the life-changing power of the Bible. We believe that your time with us in reading and studying the Bible will also change your life, if you submit to the truth that invites you in.

We would like to hear about how our tips have helped you in your own Bible reading time. Know that we’re also a charity organization in Indianapolis, Indiana which seeks to extend God’s love and compassion to the least of our brethren. Keep in touch with us and let us know how this post has helped you. Also, if you’d like to partner with our ministry and other activities, contact us anytime.

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