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Tag Archives: Religious Organization

What Are the Right Places to Put Your Anchor?

In the 21st century, fear has become more of an illusion than a real phenomenon. For instance, we might overthink a situation, worry about what other people think, or simply get anxious about uncertainties in life. As a religious organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we believe in how futile it is to continue living in anxiety. … Continue reading

Fear Not and Take a Giant Leap of Faith

Sometimes, though Christians, it’s hard to believe what we cannot see. We tend to choose sitting on a boat rather than stretch our hands to hold that of Jesus’ and walk with Him in the surface of the ocean. And yet, though we may hold, storms cloud our vision and we drown. Just where do … Continue reading

How to Be Revived from a Ministry Burnout

Ministry is a hands-on job that requires most of your time, energy, and emotions. Once you commit yourself to serve God through a certain ministry in the church, endurance, sacrifice, and trials come along with it. For a Religious Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, the ministry is not a self-made calling but divine. However, let’s face … Continue reading

What It Takes to Serve in the Ministry

Do you feel like God is calling you to serve Him in the ministry? If so, you may wonder if such a path would be right for you or not. Since a huge deal of responsibility is associated with working in the ministry, it is not the kind of decision taken lightly. As a Religious … Continue reading

Christian Covers for Secular Music

Whether vocal, instrumental, or both, music is made to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. Not all people may have the same judgment on certain compositions. Some may have their favorite bands, soloists, duos, or choirs whose songs they’re always updated with. Others may have diverse preferences. No one can get wrong … Continue reading

The Essentials of Having Spiritual Support

What is spiritual support? This is the kind of support provided by people who come from the same church, faith, or religious organization in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is spiritual because the support is aimed to address the spiritual needs of a person. For instance, when the person loses hope due to personal problems, a fellow … Continue reading

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