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Tag Archives: Religious Organization

What It Takes to Serve in the Ministry

Do you feel like God is calling you to serve Him in the ministry? If so, you may wonder if such a path would be right for you or not. Since a huge deal of responsibility is associated with working in the ministry, it is not the kind of decision taken lightly. As a Religious … Continue reading

Christian Covers for Secular Music

Whether vocal, instrumental, or both, music is made to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. Not all people may have the same judgment on certain compositions. Some may have their favorite bands, soloists, duos, or choirs whose songs they’re always updated with. Others may have diverse preferences. No one can get wrong … Continue reading

The Essentials of Having Spiritual Support

What is spiritual support? This is the kind of support provided by people who come from the same church, faith, or religious organization in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is spiritual because the support is aimed to address the spiritual needs of a person. For instance, when the person loses hope due to personal problems, a fellow … Continue reading

How Can Families Strengthen Their Faith

As the basic unit in society, the family plays a very important role in the transformation of a person. Being a religious organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we know that this transformation is possible through faith in God. It’s not just any faith, and it’s not just any God. We’re referring to faith in God Almighty, … Continue reading

Can Prayer Help If Your Teenager Is Depressed?

Depression is real but prayers can help you overcome it. If you’re a parent of a teenager going through depression, hold on to this hope. God will make things better for you and your child. As a Religious Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we know that God can change lives. Let us be more prayerful so … Continue reading

Everyday Godly Steps to Nurture a Lasting Marriage

As a Religious Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we view marriage as a God-ordained commitment. Yet, many married couples today are facing challenges. From celebrities to our neighbor down the street, we can hear sad reports about divorce and separation. But, is there really a way that we can make our marriages last? Our answer is … Continue reading

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