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Life can get the best out of us. We get busy with work or studies, and family and friends that we forget to spend some time with God. Eventually, we only remember him during special occasions–oftentimes, not at all. This leads us wondering, “How can we strengthen our relationship with God?” GIANTABILITY, a Religious Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, answers this.

  1. Appreciate life’s blessings.

    From the air we breathe to the water we drink and to many more, God has provided us with so many things. Unfortunately, we fail to appreciate these blessings. How do you show your appreciation? One way is to say thank you every after you wake up.

  2. Pray.

    According to research, the number of people who pray is decreasing. Are you one of those who still does? We hope so. Praying is one of the ways you can talk with God. But instead of throwing a quick “Our Father” or “Bless Us O Lord”, try making your own prayer. Talk as if God is in front of you. Also, do not only pray during the good days. If you feel sad, confused, and hurt, tell Him what you feel. He is always available to listen to you.

  3. Learn something new about God every day.

    To get closer to God, you have to know more about Him. You can start by reading the Bible. It provides all the information you need to know about Him. You can make use of the internet too. Expanding your knowledge about your religion, in general, can also make you learn more about God.

  4. Go to places where you can see and feel God.

    God is always with us. That is a fact. However, there may be times when we feel that His presence is washing over us. If you ever feel such, go to places where you can see and feel God. Do you feel His presence when you walk in the park? Spend some time there. You can also go to the church and talk to Him there.

  5. Do spiritual activities that scare you.

    Another way you can strengthen your relationship with God is by getting out of your comfort zone. As they say, doing new things can be scary, but it can also lead you to greater things. So do spiritual activities that scare you. Join a Bible study, volunteer in a religious charity event, and more.

  6. Do not stick with one spiritual routine.

    Routines can be boring. The same can happen with having just one spiritual routine. Aside from just praying, why don’t you listen to some worship songs and read new religious reading materials?

  7. Express your love for Him through action.

    God loves all His people. To express your love for Him, find some ways you can help your fellow human beings. You can begin here at GIANTABILITY. We are one of the reliable non-profit organizations in Indianapolis, Indiana. We aim to make a difference in someone’s life, especially those who are struggling with a disability.

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