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A staff of the Action Against Hunger in Borno State, Grace Taku has called on the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) to help secure her release and that of five others from the den of their abductors.

Taku made the call for help in a new video posted via Facebook on Thursday, appealing to the Christian body and the international community to come for their rescue.

She said, “My name is Grace. I work with Action Against Hunger, an NGO in Borno state. My base is Damasak, Borno State. We went to work on Thursday 18th of July, 2019 out of Damasak. On our way going back to Damasak, by Kanari in Damasak, we were caught by this army called the Calipers.

“They brought us here and actually, we don’t know where we are but this minute, this moment, I want to beg on CAN, Christian Association of Nigeria, because I am the only Christian among the 6 of us here.

“I want to beg that CAN association should please do something about me to see how I can be released. I also want to beg on Action Against Hunger, Borno state. We are 6 here. All of us are staff. We went to work and on our way coming back to our base, that was where we were caught.

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“I beg Action Against Hunger, we have families. Some of us have children. I am begging Action Against Hunger that they should please do something to release us. I also want to count on Nigeria, our nation, we are Nigerians. We are also working for Nigeria. I beg that Nigerian government should please, I beg again please do something to see that we are released because this has occurred before.

Recounting similar abductions in the country and how they have turned out, Taku said, “Red Cross, where some ladies were caught, Hawa and Deborah. They also asked to be released because Nigeria did not do anything about it, they were killed. I am begging on behave of us here that please Nigeria should not allow such to happen to us.

“It also happened again with Leah and Alice because Nigeria could not do anything about them, they were not released. They were also killed. I beg that Nigeria and our organization should please do something and see that we are released. Thank you.” She pleaded.

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