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The continued lamentation by Nigerians under the yoke of recession seems not to have an end in sight yet going by the recently released report of the annual basic salary of some public service holders in the country.

A careful examination of the report by the revenue mobilization and fiscal commission recently revealed that a minister earns an annual salary of #2,026,400 (#168,866:66 per month) while a member of the House of Representative receives #8,002,309.94 annually.

Each minister is also entitled to #6,079,200 as furniture allowance, which is paid once in four years. If such a minister desires, he or she would also be entitled to #8,105,600 as motor vehicle allowance. However, the motor vehicle allowance is a loan repayable by the end of the tenure of the minister.

Other allowances include:

Motor vehicle fueling and maintenance allowance of #1,519,800 (annual value).

Domestic staff – N911,800 annually

Entertainment – N607,920

Utilities – N405,280

Monitoring allowances – N303,960

Newspaper allowances – N303,960

Leave allowance – N202,640

Tour duty – N35,000

Estacode allowance – $900 per night

Housing allowance – N4,052,800

The summation of these annual allowances is N13,374,240 for each minister excluding the optional vehicle allowance.

Salaries of House of Representatives Members

Members of the lower chamber of the National assembly are among the top earners in Nigerian politics.

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The annual salary of the speaker house of representatives is N8,334,942.50

The federal government provides him with allowances for the following:



Domestic staff





Legislative Aids

House Maintenance

Special Adviser

Personal Assistants



He receives 75 percent of his salary as constituency allowance. He receives $790 estacode per night and N32,000 per night for domestic trips.

Salary of the Deputy speaker House of Representatives

The annual salary of the deputy speaker house of representatives is N8,002,309.94. He is entitled to the same allowances as the speaker. He receives $750 and N30,000 for estacode and Duty Tour, respectively.

The majority leader of the House, the Minority Leader, the chief Whip and Chairmen of Committees receive annual salaries of N6,352,680.00. Other members of the house earn similar pay. In addition, they receive the following allowances:

Domestic staff; 50% of annual salary

Utilities 10% of annual salary

House maintenance 10% of annual salary

Constituency allowance 75% of annual salary

Personal Assistant 25% of annual salary

Members receive $550 and N21,000 for estacode and domestic trips, respectively



By Oluwaseyi Jeje


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