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The Catholic Priest in Charge of Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry in Anambra State, Reverend Father Emmanuel Obimma, has told President Muhammadu Buhari that he is not in control of the country.

Father Obimma made this known in an address to journalists in Uke, saying the president has been overwhelmed by the problems and no longer has grip of happenings in the country.

He urged the president to resign as it was evident that he is unable to take charge of happenings in the country.

Rev. Obimma said: “In actual fact as you can see, there is crisis in the country, President Muhammadu Buhari is not in control. People are dying on daily basis and I am not happy with it at all. There is indeed crisis in the country. I pray that our good Lord will salvage this country Nigeria. There is crisis, even though those in authority are denying that there is political unrest in the country. I thank God for answering our prayers. I believe that very soon all these frictions, fracas and crisis will come to an end hopefully, because there is God.”

“Well, my message for Muhammadu Buhari is let him resign since he cannot control the country. I said let him resign honorably because as you can see, he is not in control of the country, not only that, he is a sectional leader, a tribalistic leader.

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“Nigeria is a big country and needs experts who have perfect in the political field to take control of the affairs of the nation. President Buhari is not that man,” he said.

The Spiritual Director added “Mark my words, APC groups are warming up to rig the election, as you can see the evidences are there. If it is by counting of votes, there is no way this government will return because it is a government that is built on selfishness, nepotism and injustice.

“People are not happy with this government, so they know that they under-performed. What of those promises that Muhammadu Buhari made to the nation before the election? None was accomplished. That for me is a government of deception, running a government with deceit. It is very bad,” he concluded.

By Anne Bassey

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