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COVID-19 has changed the world’s history irrecoverably but bear in mind that every event is an invention of man. The origin of the virus is no longer a subject of debate in relation to where it came from but the question that agitates the minds of every concerned citizens of the world is about the original causes of the virus. Under normal circumstances and all things being equal and going by the strides made in the field of science in relation to the discovery of the Corona vaccine, it becomes imperative not only to preserve the successes recorded but to make concerted efforts as responsible citizens of the world to forestall future occurrence.

The acquisition of all relevant information about how the virus originated goes a long way in consolidating the achievements of great scientists in the COVID-19 vaccinations as well as to assuage and ameliorate the sufferings of the world. If speculations are hazardous in situations like this, certainly, positive assumptions can be applicable for as you begin to do those things that are necessary, you get to do the possible and before you know it, the impossible. There is no time to waste in fighting over spilt milk. The evil has been perpetuated with unprecedented number of lives lost to the pandemic.


China has been and is still in a competition with America economically, scientifically and in whatever other areas possible. As rivals, China suffered a great defeat economically during the time of Donald Trump and the 19 looks like an instrument of retaliation against America. This sensitive situation calls for understanding and caution among all and serves also as a wakeup call on the United Nations to be proactive. Being vigilant in respect of regulating the acquisition or use of nuclear weapons is great but the reality on ground is that there are many ways of killing a rat as well as many ways of getting into a market.


Recall that sometimes in March, the COVID leadership of the World Health Organization sent a delegation which comprised of best scientists from about 13 countries of the world on a fact finding mission to China. Their mandate was to investigate the origin and the causes of the Corona Virus and that assignment was to be carried out in Wahun, China where the COVID-19 pandemic started from. This initiative was applauded as it was seen as a way of breaking new grounds in scientific research.


President of the United States of America, Joe Biden.

However, the hope short lived. For in spite of the promise made by the WHO to present their findings to the appropriate authorities at a given date, nothing reliable, convincing and credible is at hand. Hence, President Joe Biden’s fresh order of Wednesday, May 19th giving a 90 day ultimatum to the intelligence community to investigate the origin and causes of COVID-19. He also expects China to provide answers to relevant and sensitive questions on the same matter.

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President of China, Xi Jinping.

On a final note, China owes the whole world explanations and unreserved apologies about the COVID-19 pandemic and the loss of millions of precious lives. Wisdom demands that we make the most of all that comes and the least of all that goes. If President Xi Jinping of China escapes from being paraded before the International Criminal Court for committing GENOCIDE against the world using the COVID-19 pandemic as a guise, he cannot escape being sanctioned for NEGLIGENCE.

The world is waiting and watching.

By Samuel ‘Tunji Adeyanju

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