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“The picture painted at the said interview was that of an unscrupulous, unguided and insensitive leader and that cannot be the Buhari Nigerians voted for in 2015″

Democracy by definition is the government of the people, by the people and for the people. So, what was celebrated on June 12 in Nigeria supposedly was democracy day but by implications especially of the highest degree of deceit born out of devilish conspiracy has undermined the essence of democracy.

President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari.

The conspiracy that has been ongoing for some time about the true identity of who occupies the number one position of the country, Nigeria is no longer a mystery to be unraveled except if all Nigerians will be blind in order for them to see. I challenge all the authorities of government in Nigeria which include the executive, legislative and the judiciary that the Muhammadu Buhari that contested and won in 2015 presidential election in Nigeria is not the same Buhari that was engaged in an exclusive interview with ARISE TV on 10th of July in Nigeria.

If Nigerians by reason of poverty, as we all know that Nigeria is the capital city of poverty in the world, are gullible and out of their minds not to recognize or appreciate the magnitude of this conspiracy of identity, should we now believe that the United States of America, under the leadership of president Joe Biden, Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom, her royal majesty, Queen Elizabeth, and the United Nations as a body that regulates the activities of countries, who are members including Nigeria are non-perceptive or complicit?

It is time for the world to come together and investigate this criminal manipulation which is contradictory in every sense of it to its cherished values of democracy. What sense does it make or where does such an action like this find moral justification? If this kind of manipulation is allowed to continue, democracy will sooner or later loose its attractions and become extinct. While also, I am convinced that that guy, I mean the impostor was someone else, was because of the disconnect between empathy and sympathy as made manifest in the said interview submissions.

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Evidences on ground to buttress this assertion include:

  1. How come that Buhari who had been avoiding making comments in public even when they were most needed now granted not just anyhow TV station, but Arise TV an audience for interview in a critical time in the nation’s history? This without gainsaying was stage managed. The impostor was trying hard to play the script but ended up playing to the gallery and missing the essence of the masquerading.
  2. Most of the questions that Arise TV asked the supposed ‘Buhari’ were sensitive ones that touch on the destiny and survival of Nigeria as a nation. Surprisingly, ‘Buhari’ watered down the severity of the problems at hand and turned the atmosphere around to look like that of an amusement park. Rather than empathize with Nigerians, he rolled out threats and rained abuses on the state governors, house of assembly members, the man sitting in Lagos (Bola Ahmed Tinubu – Jagaban) and the Nigerian youths who he accused of trying to un sit him using the #EndSars protest as a guise. The picture painted at the said interview was that of an unscrupulous, unguided and insensitive leader and that cannot be the Buhari Nigerians voted for in 2015.
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Former Governor of Lagos State, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Furthermore, on the issue of the agitations, going on in the country that have led to the death of innocent Nigerians both in the east and the west, all that the impostor had to say was that the agitators have not given a thought to how the common wealth of Nigeria would be shared among the various ethnic groups that are separating fairly. This reveals his mindset as someone who does not cherish the cooperate existence of Nigeria more than the resources that are there to be possessed by the Fulanis. Also, on the question of why the construction of a railway line to Nijal Republic, his answer was that his cousins are in Nijal republic and that the country also has discovered oil. That is all the reason the president of a country can give for spending the tax payers’ money for the construction of a rail line that ordinarily should have been a channel of improving the economy of a country.

We can go on and on discussing the flaws and the insults that accrued to the country Nigeria from this criminal act of misrepresentation and mediocrity all in the name of keeping a man who is all out to pursue the Fulani agenda in Nigeria and the imposition of it on Nigerians.

The answer he gave on what he plans to do to the agitators has left much to be desired as a democratically elected president of Nigeria which is the most populous black nation on the earth. According to him, the only solution to the problems of agitation is to send our soldiers against the agitators and in his own wisdom, that is the only language they understand.

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On a final note, let this be told globally and those who have ears to hear that the progress of Nigeria lies only in not even restructuring at this time but the creation of at least two new countries of Biafra and Oduduwa. Anything short of this is a ruse and cannot stand the test of time. Worrying against ourselves is not an answer but a distraction. Can you imagine the Commander-In-Chief of the armed forces of a country who even before broke out had lost three major military air craft and his chief of army staff due to his insensitivity?

These words of wisdom does apply to the wise; ‘leaders who fail to change their minds in the pot will sink in the sea. This is when the whole world will know if truly the United State of America, United Kingdom and the United Nations have always meant well for Nigeria or they are just a pack of hypocrites and opportunists whose mission is to drain Nigeria and other African countries. LET’S HOPE NOT.

By Samuel ‘Tunji Adeyanju

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