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The above question is food for thought, and the answer is on an individual basis and perception.  The whole world to me seems to be in a game of hypocrisy and self-denial.  The development of science and technology has undermined the beliefs that people have about the heavens and the earth.

Most people are living in denial as though heavens do not exist at all.  The advocacy for climate change has, to a large extent, caused the heavens to be relegated to the background, a position close to that of non-existence.  People talk about climate change in relation to the earth or the planet, but with no mention of the heavens at all.  This is where I have a problem with science. Not being able to discover how something came into existence or not having a clue at all about the existence of the heavens or the hereafter, is a state of absolute ignorance, 

Let’s take, for instance, the inscription on the American dollar, which says “In God We Trust.”  Would  it not be appropriate or tempting for one to ask the question about how possible is it to believe in a god without a heaven?  This is food for thought.  If we can deny the existence of Heaven, we have already failed by not denying the existence of God.

The belief in a god that is held with liberal hands and worshiped liberally to avoid being seen as an extremist is hypocritical.  This same act of hypocrisy has spilled over to the act of living in denial or in contempt of the existence of Heaven.  How the climate change problems can be fixed without any recourse to Heaven will be a mystery to be unraveled.

I salute the courage of countries like Iran, Pakistan, and the rest of them who, without fear or favor, christened the names of their countries alongside their religion.  For example, the Islamic state of Pakistan.  These are people who are not ashamed of their religion by declaring boldly the religious premise on which their countries stand.  So when you ask them who is their God, they answer without hesitation that Allah is God and Mohammed is His prophet. 

This contradicts the posture you find in the Western countries, especially the United States of America, where there is in the law the separation of the state and religion.  Even in most of the government functions where people are allowed to pray in the Christion way, you hardly hear those prayers finished “in the name of Jesus Christ.”

When it  is Christmas you will notice beautiful decorations of Christmas trees as well as lightings, which depict the affiliation of a group of people to a particular religion but surprisingly, and more often than not, worship by Christians terminates at Christmas and with all the decorations that go with it.

As much as climate change is now on the front burner of global  politics, I hope it will be a great and tremendous advantage to the key countries and the United Nations who are in the forefront of the crusade for action against climate change, to wait a minute and see beyond the planet.  Try to see beyond the problems of climate change and the solution to it beyond the planet, and recognize the place of the heavens in matters that pertain to the earth.  The earth cannot be divorced from heaven and vice versa.

Science provides all the knowledge required about climate change, but with no concerns for the important place of spirituality where the wits from science end is where the heavenly wisdom starts.  Those mysteries that science could not unravel are facts that the truth can turn around.  Science provides facts and truth changes the facts of life.  Not seeing beyond our projects should not be admitted as the end that we can get to, for there are things which ears have not heard, eyes have not seen, and have not entered into the heart of man, which are accessible through the heavenly connections.

“There is a path which no fowl knoweth, and which the vulture’s eye hath not seen:  The lion’s whelps have not trodden it, nor the fierce lion passed by it.”–Job 28:7-8.

The understanding that we have through science about the causes of climate change is just the introduction to the causes of the major problems that we have in our hands.  We have only been able to see much in relation to how far we have gone and discovered.

Where do we agree that the COVID-19 virus came from?  If no agreement on the source of COVID-19, then little is our knowledge and understanding of our environment.

On a final note, until man is able to know himself as his creator made him and knows him, man will forever continue to be plagued by things that are mysterious, and which the intervention of only the heavens can bring to an end.  Science is just a means to an end.


Samuel ‘Tunji Adeyanju


Photo by Jordan Wozniak on Unsplash

Photo by Li-An Lim on Unsplash


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