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Just as it is with driving, where the brighter your headlight, the faster you travel, the same applies to the journey of life; where the brighter your vision, the greater your exploits. Now that you know who you are, the vision you have in your hand and the direction you are headed, you automatically become unstoppable.

Take note of some of the requirements that will help you make it to the end of the journey.
These include humility and patience. Humility demands that you pitch your project high and your behavior low. You’ve got to start from where you are, and it does not matter where you are at the moment. The rule of the game is that where you cannot fly, you run; where you cannot run, you walk; where you cannot walk, you crawl; and what is important at every point is for you to keep moving.

It would be completely misleading to say that the journey will be trouble-free, for life is not designed to be trouble-free. This calls for discipline and perseverance without which we will end the journey at a bend, and not reach our goal. At every point in time, the traveler is expected to be “present” meaning that he should be fully awake and sensitive, spirit, soul and body.

There are so many things contending for the traveler’s attention, and to forge ahead and not go astray requires commitment and focus. There is nothing like the child or adult’s world. Both the child and the adult share the same world, and all generations are needed. The world should have the path created for the child and not the child for the path. It’s an interesting as well as turbulent journey, but the moment we find ourselves in need, we can never step out of it. What makes the difference between one pilgrim and the other is the result, but both cannot deny and escape from being on the journey. Either you make it or fail it, get it or lose it.

That is life. At a point, I’m truly speaking, you won’t be able to capture the picture that is beyond you. That does not mean things are not good. The truth is that you are on a journey, and the more you go, the more you see. However, perception differs, and that is very important, and the more reason why you took time to see for yourselves, to picture, to imagine, for actualization of the world of your choice before you took off.

You will also need fuel for the journey, regardless of at what pace you are going, whether crawling, walking, running, or flying. Sources of fueling, where we draw strength from, may differ but we have to have at least one. Mine is the Bible and meditation. I don’t know what yours are. There is a passage that tells me that the book of the law, which is the Bible, should not depart from my mouth. I should meditate in it day and night that I may observe to do all that God has commanded me. By doing this, I shall make my way prosperous and have good success. (Joshua 1:8)

This is instructive and I use it to mirror myself wherever I go to make sure I am in compliance. You may have a different source of spiritual stimulation. What is important is for you to be instructed and motivated. As we proceed in this journey, we shall waste no time but carefully observe to know the types of “bends” that you have on the roads lest we confuse them with the end because the secret of the journey is in standing out and not blending in no matter how attractive the “bends” are. Remember that overnight success takes a long time, and slow and steady wins the race.

We shall begin to look at the various ‘bends” that you have on the journey to our becoming outstanding and significant in life from the next lesson. Join us!


Samuel ‘Tunji Adeyanju

Photo 1 by Braden Collum on Unsplash
Photo 2 by Miguel A. Amutio on Unsplash

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