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How to Influence Your Child to Care for Others – Part 2

In our previous post, we shared with you some helpful posts on how you can be a catalyst of change in other people’s lives and passing this on to your children. Empathy is such a life-giving character that our Charity Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana strives to practice this virtue in every opportunity presented to us.

Thankfully, your role as a parent can be a great contribution in the way your child develops towards an empathic person. Hereon, let’s share with you some more tips on how you can influence your little one to this empowering virtue.

  • Introduce Your Child to Different Emotions
    You can make use of creative approaches such as drawing or printing emojis they can look on. However, you can also verbalize your observation of what they’re going through so that they will have a sense of what they’re feeling at that moment. For instance, if they want to eat lollipop but you refuse them because they still haven’t had breakfast, they will react to your refusal. You can point out to them that they’re frustrated and that it’s alright to be frustrated. Recognizing their emotions can help them recognize these feelings in others as well.
  • Appreciate One Another at Home
    When you practice the habit of praising each other’s work, accomplishments, or any good thing done, your child will learn to be this expressive to others. You can use your mealtimes to practice this discipline since eating together is a great adhesive in relationships. Before you eat, encourage every family member to say their piece of gratitude. This will orient their mind to focus on things that are more nurturing rather than complaining.
  • Affirm their Display of Kindness
    When your child begins to show kindness to other children, such as sharing their toys, be quick in affirming them with the action. Be specific in the affirmation so they will know that you have been paying attention to their activities. As a Religious Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we acknowledge how kindness can stem up from a heart who always seeks to know God deeper. You can also bring your whole family to attend our events so they can have a fresh perspective on kindness.
  • Meet Your Tot’s Needs
    Your little one can be very cranky at times and this can also test your limit. However, they can be just sleepy or hungry. When your child has reactions that try to get into you, consider the possibilities of their personal needs. When you’re able to meet exactly what they need, they will feel empathized. This actual experience can help them to be empathic towards others.
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Are you interested to know God more so you can be more intentional in showing empathy? Our team at GIANTABILITY can help you. We can also answer questions for you if you like to participate in the activities of our non profit organization in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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