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How to Influence Your Child to Care for Others – Part 1

Wouldn’t it be comforting to know that our children grow up with the intent of being a positive catalyst in other people’s lives? When every parent achieves this, what a wonderful world we will have, wouldn’t we? While you have no control over how other parents nurture their children, you have a way of influence to your own family.

As a Religious Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we recognize the vital importance of family structure in bringing up a child as God ordains. So we encourage you with the best you can to nurture the attitude of empathy in your child. Here are some insights we can share in this matter:

  • Be a Model of Empathy to Your Little Ones
    Indeed, in our most unguarded moments, our children can see our true colors. Let empathy begin from you so that when crucial moments occur, they will see what it truly means to be empathic with other people’s situations. Show empathy to every person whether it’s the waiter serving you or the homeless man on the road.
  • Choose Personal Conversations Over Virtual Meetings
    We validate the enormous benefits that technology has provided us especially in connecting with our friends and loved ones. However, some situations do require face-to-face interactions. When you have a friend who needs to talk to you, strive to set aside time to hear them out. Your children will see you doing this and recognize later on how important personal meetings are to nurture relationships.
  • Write Thank You Notes Together
    When you receive a blessing or experience something wonderful, you naturally express gratitude for it. You can use this opportunity to also nurture a sense of empathy in your child. Write some thank you notes together for someone that they want to express their gratitude to. When they participate in the activities in our Charity Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, they can have the opportunity to meet with others whom they can be thankful for. Encourage them to always be on the side of gratitude.
  • Stay Consistent with Your Example
    It is very easy to tell our children that what they’re going to say can affect other people’s feelings. However, when you don’t apply this at home, such as when you don’t empathize with your spouse’s feelings, it may translate to a different message to your child. Exercise consistency so that they will know that empathy is a responsibility both to the people we know and have just met.
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The attitude of empathy is also what makes our non profit organization in Indianapolis, Indiana more nurturing and in-touch with the needs of the people we’re reaching out to. We’re very thankful to be agents of positive impact in these people’s lives, and we encourage you to join our advocacy. If you would like to learn more about the ways we minister to others, do send us a message at GIANTABILITY. We’d love to hear from you!

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