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In the period of their early childhood, children usually develop cognitive and socio-emotional skills. These are the skills that predict success in many dimensions of a child’s life. There’s an extensive part of the developmental stages of these skills which depends on the background of the child which includes the quality of parental care. Some researches that were carried out a while back revealed that parental knowledge stands as a risk factor for a better or poorer child development and this spans across a wide range of spheres.


What is the impact of inadequate information on the part of parents in parenting?

At the moment, the clarification on the relation between the knowledge of a parent, their mood, parental effectiveness, parental behaviour, and how they change have not been revealed.

These days, the parents we have out there are still within the guidance of their own parents before becoming parents themselves. For this reason, they are mostly not mentally prepared for the journey of parenting, hence lack knowledge of virtually a whole lot about children. As a result, they sometimes seem uninvolved. This does not only have to do with youngsters, but also people who are old enough. They tend to keep their hands off some of the deep affairs about parenting and focus on the basics – food, clothing, shelter and education, leaving out other aspects. Why? This is because they have no idea what next is to be done or how much more is to be done.

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One of the ways dearth of parental information may play out negatively on the child is in the aspect of health. Some parents have no idea what their children should be eating, or the fact that they need special nutritional requirements. Some get confused on what kind of food is to be included in the diet of the child. This might prove dangerous in the early stages of a child’s life.

Parents certainly do not know it all, and for the sake of the children, should get to know more. It’s not too late to attend workshops on becoming good parents. It is not only about the innate intuition of a parent.


In a way to assist parents and encourage good parenting, avenues should be created for them to learn about parenting and information about child care both in the spiritual and secular world should be at their disposal.

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