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For a lot of people, the first knowledge of a television was in just black and white. Of course, this is due to the kind of television that was available in the later parts of the 20th century; the 1960s precisely. Photographs taken during that time, ones like the Beatles, the Biafran war, Bill and Ben, Blue Peter, were all in black and white. These pictures make up the monochrome images of the early years of television.

The television is able to finesse reality, and this turns out to be one of the fantastic aspects of the television. So, if whatever you see, is what makes you believe, then there is always a doubt one feels about something till they see it in the television. Other than being a mass medium brought to almost every household, the television is also the communal proof of experience.


The 30th of September 2021 will make it over eight decades that the world witnessed the very first television transmission. A professor of English and cultural history in Liverpool John Moore’s university, Joe Moran recounted the events of this very day in his new social history of Television. A comic monologue was performed by Sydney Howard, a Yorkshire comedian and was also sung by Lulu Stanley.

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These images had been broadcast by the BBC and was viewed on a screen not more than the size of an average smartphone inside a Covent garden studio that belonged to John Logie Baird. Logie Baird might have been a visionary. However, he would also have found it difficult to comprehend exactly how much his vision (television) would define technology and entertainment in the 20th century.

Therefore, television has, and will continue to appear attractive and fascinating for the nearest future. It is amazing how the television has overtime, become one of the most integral parts of entertainment, in fact the most important. This is where and when entertainment on the TV started to evolve.

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