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People often begin to lose their Christian faith because of their own life experiences. There are many untold cases of cruel and unbearable situations that have taken place in the church in the name of “God,” while others may have been confronted with information that is presented by a secular viewpoint that rejects God.
There have been many occasions where you may hear another believer tell you “but the lord told me, that you need to do this,” so you justified the action and instructions that were given by “God” in such a way that it makes you question who God really is. You began to think ‘does God hate me that he would let one of his servants do the unspeakable to me?’ The truth is, when you are justifying it the internal regret and pain starts to tear you down from the inside out. You know inside that you are taking a road in life that is a spiral direction to death.

When an individual experience such life changing events they start to question whether or not God is real and why did God allow this to happen. As they start to doubt God, their faith begins to weaken. That leads to doubts that may stop them from worshipping and communicating with God. Without having constant communication with God, your relationship with Him will eventually diminish.
For example, if you are married and stop completely communicating with your spouse, you can’t expect the marriage to grow. You can expect the complete opposite; the marriage will end in a divorce. Having a relationship with God is no different. In every situation you must keep having communication with God
God wants us to reach out to him in those lowest moments, even when we are questioning our very existence. He wants us to trust even when it seems there is no reason to do so. Everyone is familiar with Job from the Bible. He experienced a huge financial losses, grief, physical illness and instead of losing faith in God his faith grew stronger with each tril….. and tribulation.

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In Job 13:15 it says, “Though he slay me, yet I will trust him.” Learn from Job and know that God will never leave you and forsake you. That is true even when it seems as if God is gone.
If you feel that you may be losing faith in God and have reached rock bottom, you need to muster an ounce of faith and tell God how you feel. Pour your heart out. I am a witness that even in your darkness hours God will answer you and bring light to the darkest situation in your life. It also helps to open up the bible and to start reading the word of God. You will feel that heavy burden lifting off of you and that bitterness and anger to start to go away. Finally, find different outlets to connect with likeminded people like the Giantability message boards that give you the resources to survive. Remember you are not alone and that you have a family that loves you.

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