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Nigerian Flag
A wise man said that “The only bad thing about making a mistake is to keep on making it.” The heart of the country called Nigeria bleeds.  If only we can see it then we would be in a better position to appreciate the need and urgency to rescue the country or nation from destruction.  When you think its peace and safety, then a sudden destruction falls on the people.  From observing the behavior of the politicians,  one can deduce the lack of patriotism and total commitment to nation-building.  These so-called elites behave worse than the illiterates in their shameless and greedy aspiration for power.  The hardest thing to do truly is to think.
I don’t know if people in this part of the country take time to think from where they came, where they are going, and to whom they will account.  This singular honor and privilege God has given to the humans who are not expected to act based on instincts as animals would do.
The situation going on in the Southeastern part of the country is barbaric to say the least.  This is the worst of the worst in human treatment being meted out to a group of people who form one of the major ethnic groups in the country.  Wisdom demands that if they are not needed in the federation called Nigeria, why keep them and not allow them to go.  Slaves do not make slaves, and trees do not grow under trees.
The Anambra state gubernatorial election slated for Saturday, 6th of November, 2021 is designed to foreshadow where we go from here in the journey to the realization of 2023.  No country thrives on injustice and to this end the Igbos deserve equity, fair play, and justice, the lack of which snowballs into great danger, which is capable of tearing the nation apart.
Already, the militarization of Anambra state, by a combination of men and officers of the Nigerian police, the army, and some civil defense organizations is a source of worry and a pointer to the lackluster and lackadaisical attitude of the people in government, especially at the Federal level, to a free, peaceful, and transparent election.
The Presidential aspirants of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and those of the All Progressive Congress Party (APC) who have signified their intentions and are declaring publicly the desire to run, and those who are yet to do so, as long as an Easterner of the Igbo extraction is not one of them, consider all efforts ending up in futility, for until the writing is done, we cannot get it right.  The Igbo presidency must be seen as an end and not a means to an end.  The hypocrisy of the Yorubas and the Hausas/Fulanis will no longer amount to anything tangible, and it constitutes the digging of the country’s grave, and he who digs a pit shall fall into it.
We are privy to the warning issued by the Department of Public Affairs of the embassy of the United States of America that the outcome of the Anambra election must reflect the will of the people.  It also promises to introduce consequences including a visa ban on those who are indicted should the outcomes of the elections not reflect the wish of the people.
“We want  a renewal of character in our day, but we don’t really know what we ask for.  To have a renewal of character is to have a renewal of a creedal order that constrains, limits, binds, obligates, and compels.  This price is too high for us to pay (as a culture).  We want character but without unyielding conviction; we want strong morality but without the emotional burden of guilt or shame; we want virtue but without particular moral justifications that invariably offend; we want good without having to name evil; we want decency without the authority to insist upon it; we want more community without any limitations to personal freedom. In short, we want what we cannot possibly have on the terms that we want it.” –James Davison Hunter, The Death of Character.
A word is enough for the wise, and only the wise will hear and increase in learning, and a man of understanding will attain unto wise counsel.  God help us.
Samuel ‘Tunji Adeyanju
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