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Founder and Senior Pastor of the Foundation Truth Assembly, Reverend Abayomi Matthew Kasali has expressed displeasure at Pastors who use the pulpit to drum support for candidates or political parties.

The renowned cleric stated this on Thursday during a program on Channels Television tagged “The Verdict,” just as the country is preparing for the general elections slated for Saturday.

Monitoring the program, Giantability News reports that Rev. Kasali who is also the South-West Coordinator of the Osinbajo Campaign Group pointed out that the fore-walls of the church should rather be used to preach morals.

In his words, “It’s very unfortunate that the church is very actively involved in partisan politics. The church, as an entity should not be involved actively in partisan politics. Christians in church can be, but no church as an organization or as a body, should support a party.

Stressing his opinion further, the cleric added, “For churches and pastors who go to their pulpit to voice out things that are very blasphemous saying we support this person, anybody that supports will go to hell, sometimes, I find that some are very heart breaking and unethical and of course, blasphemous.

He insisted that “the pulpit should not become a campaign podium,” he also bemoaned that “what had happened before now is that the church, as a whole, had actually abandoned politics, telling their members to ignore it because they say it’s a dirty game. But now, what we say is members should go out and be actively involved in politics without that entity, the church.”

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While acknowledging that some of the Pentecostals are a bit reckless at that rascality of supporting a particular candidate, he accused the preceding administration of President Jonathan of dragging the church into politics.

Also recalling the days of Awolowo when politics were executed only by regions and ethnicity, he lamented the huge role that religion is unfortunately now playing in the nation’s politics.

“But today, instead of region or ethnicity, it’s now religion that’s playing a bigger role. I will never ever impose my political preference on my members from the pulpit, never, it’s wrong. Church is supposed to breed morality relation.” The cleric reiterated.


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