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Rev. Fr. Mbaka Denies Staging Own Assassination Plot

Following the failed assassination attempt of the Spiritual Director of Adoration Ministry Enugu, Nigeria (AMEN), Reverend Father Ejike Mbaka, the renowned critical cleric has denied claims accusing him and his church of staging the plot.

Fr. Mbaka refuted the allegation published in some sections of the media on Sunday describing the report as false and sensational headline by mischief makers and warned perpetrators to desist.

The Sun reports that the Reverend refuted the claim in a statement released on Monday, through his media aide, Maximus Ugwuoke, Fr. Mbaka saying that it was absurd that unknown characters masquerading as ‘concerned Catholics’ insinuate in the media that he planned his own assassination to attract public sympathy and presidential favour.

According to the statement, it read, “First, the assassination plot against Fr. Mbaka was not a mere ‘allegation’ or ‘claim’ as reported in the media but an established fact.

“The impact of the bullet on his car which the security agents have confirmed is there for all who cared to see.

“It is also ridiculous that two fictitious characters masquerading as ‘concerned Catholics’ could go wild to insinuate in the media that Fr. Mbaka planned his own assassination “to curry public sympathy and presidential favour.

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“Such statement depicts how far mischief makers can go in trivialising issues as important as human life and their absolute lack of fear of God.

“The statement calls to question the level of concern of such ‘Concerned Catholics’ in such a matter involving the life of a catholic priest.

“We call on security agencies to investigate the source of such media report as the makers of the report or their pay masters may have some useful information to give them in their investigation into the incident.

“We challenge the two impostors claiming to be writing for the Concerned Catholics and to come forward with their real identity, parish addresses and contacts to prove the point that they exist and that they are Catholics.

“And where they fail to do so, we demand that the publisher of the report should be compelled by the security agencies to provide them for further questioning.

“We state categorically that in all efforts made to inquire from Fr. Mbaka the person or persons behind the gun attack at him, he never at any time named anyone or pointed accusing finger at anyone as the sponsor of his assassination plot, be it the Catholic Church or whomever.

“It is wrong and out of context to ascribe to Fr. Mbaka any deductions made by any person or group of persons, or associations or followers of Fr. Mbaka on the issue whether verbally or in prints. Such persons or group of persons may be freely expressing their sentiments on the issue but they are not speaking for Fr. Mbaka and should not be taken or quoted as speaking for Fr. Mbaka.

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“Fr Mbaka’s love for the Catholic Church is unquestionable and to allege that he is unleashing his ministry against the Catholic Church in an attempt to blackmail, or stampede the church into doing his bidding” only portrays the clear mischievous intention of the originators of the statement to incite the Catholic Church against Fr Mbaka.

“Such statement can only come from agents of darkness and liars from the pit of hell and should be considered as such,” the statement read.


Picture Source-  Sun News Online

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