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Motivating and encouraging someone are two acts that are equally different and important. These acts when given or received are very rewarding. People can easily do this on their own, they say one should not wait for encouragement and motivation to be given, that it should be done by oneself, but admit it or not these two acts are more powerful when given by somebody. It serves as a power-up button that when pressed by somebody else it gives you the strength and approval to go ahead. Indeed, we do not need other peoples approval to go on, but it feels good to receive them without even asking.

Inspired by motivation

Motivation and inspiration are two different words. Motivation is the process or action that gives someone a reason to do something. Inspiration is the feeling of wanting to do something new and something different as influenced by somebody else. Listening, generosity, kindness, living truthfully, and gratitude are some of the inspiring acts that motivate people to do the same.

Inspiration and motivation are in a never-ending cycle. For example, a man gets motivated by the book he reads, therefore, he started some activities to help the community. Unknowingly, the writer of the book was just inspired by his community as well. Inspiration and motivation are two different words that are most definitely related and connected.

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Motivating Oneself

People often say that you can motivate yourself, so you shouldn’t wait for it from somebody else. Indeed, that’s true but it requires a real deal of emotional intelligence. Motivating oneself is harder than motivating other people. Personal motivation requires people to see the result immediately as he/she is still beginning, “begin with the end in mind”. One has to see what he/she wants to achieve in the end.

The relationship between inspiration and motivation

It was established earlier that these two are in a never-ending cycle. It is contagious in nature, you receive by giving and so on. This is the thought that made support groups and organizations possible. Organizations and support groups aim to gather people from different walks of life and inspire and motivate everyone around them. By doing this positive results are easily seen and noticed which then invites other people to be with the same group or organization.

Like any other groups of people inspiring each other, Giantability aims to inspire people, especially those who have disabilities. Giantability is a Religious Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana. We organize activities and programs to group of people and help them extend their assistance and help to those who need it most. We are one of the Non-profit organizations in Indianapolis, Indiana who have a mission to help and spread kindness.

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