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President Donald Trump’s spiritual adviser and popular televangelist, Paula White has officially installed her son, Brad Knight and his spouse as senior pastors of New Destiny Christian Center in Apopka, Florida, United States.

Paula White with Brad and Rachel Knight.

White made the announcement to the congregation recently, stating that her decision was hinged on a prophecy she received more than a decade from the church’s founder Pastor, Zachery Tims.

She said, “The Lord spoke to me very clearly and said, ‘If you miss this moment, you will delay things. Do not miss this moment.

“So today, I am officially installing Pastor Brad and Pastor Rachel as the senior pastors over City of Destiny. Everybody stand up on your feet because this is God’s plan. I am moving to what I call oversight pastor, but let me explain that. That is apostolic, but I just have not embraced the title though. … But as an apostolic overseer of City of Destiny, today officially, it’s all been done legally, officially, we are City of Destiny. Welcome to your new beginning.”

She explained that all the decision made are in line with the vision that was shared with her by Tims, adding that “Every seed we’ve sown, every prayer we have prayed, everything we’ve done, Dr. Zach’s vision. The vision that God continued through me and will continue through Tasha Brown and Rachel and all of us together Minister Greg, the vision continues. God is such a good God.” She said.

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White narrated that the transition of leadership of the church, renamed as City of Destiny has been done legally, adding that God informed her it was the right time to take the action.

Recalling the founder’s accidental death eight years ago in the W. Hotel in Times Square, New York and her encounter with him, she said, “From the day that I came here, which was, you guys know the story. One day I’ll share everything about how Dr. Zach, thank you Dr. Zach for the price you paid to be a founder and found this ministry and the faithfulness.

“You know many people, elder knows this, but we go way back. I knew Dr. Zach in Baltimore and just the eagerness as a son. Prophetically he gave me a word prophet, that in 2005 I was in New York and he calls me, ‘Ma, where are you?’ and I said ‘I’m in New York.’ ‘Are you OK?’ And he prophesies to me a word that wouldn’t make sense in 2005. Writes it down. But it would make sense in 2019.

“And sometimes the prophetic like that, it seems mysterious. It won’t make sense at that moment. And everything that he prophesied would come to pass to bring this to this point. And I will share that in the fullness [of time].” She said.

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The Adviser revealed future plans to plant 3,000 churches and provide oversight for pastors as well as launching a university.


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