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‘We Cannot Wait for a Government Who Has Failed in Their Duties’– Pst. Rapu

Senior Pastor, House of Freedom and founder of God Bless Nigeria Church (GBN), Dr. Tony Rapu has said on Monday that the church can no longer wait and point fingers at the government who has failed to perform their duties.

Giantability Media Network reports that Pastor Rapu who was the keynote speaker at the Church Administrative Society of Nigeria’s (CASON) Conference made this known while speaking on the theme: “The Church and Social Responsibility.”

He said, “The church has a historical role as an agent of societal transformation and change in society. Today more than ever before, given the increasing poverty, violence, injustice confronting many Nigerians, the church is being called upon to engage, embrace and continue with its task of initiating societal transformation beyond the work of the government.

“We cannot fold our arms waiting for government and pointing fingers at those who have failed to do their duties.

“Nigeria dwells in the season of transition. We are all aware we are in a season of sincere politicking. It is also a season of great anticipation of change and development.

“The question to us as leaders is, does the church have a role to play in the country beyond partisan politics at this time? Do we just fold our hands and wait for the elections, the successive government to resolve the ever mountain and staggering needs all around us? Or is there a role we as the church can play in national development beyond the work of government?” he inquired.

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President of CASON, Pastor Seyi Oladimeji focusing on the critical role the church plays in the society gave an example from Matthew 5: 16.

“The Christian faith is described as the salt and the light. Salt preserves from decadence, while light gives direction. These two dimensional roles of the church are the solutions to Nigeria naira problems today.

“The much awaited change in Nigeria will not be realized if the church will not take the lead. Throughout history, the church has proven to be the primary force for societal progress and change, motivating individuals to develop individual qualities, empowering them to make certain sacrifices for their fellow human being and to contribute to the betterment of their communities.”

Pastor Oladimeji who is also the Chief Responsibility Officer of Church Management Consult talked on how the 21st century church has evolved with the advent of internet as opposed to the days of old.

“Churches have come under heavy attack in recent times on social media in a way that is unprecedented, tithes and offerings have become an object of debate.”

Speaking on what inspired the theme of the conference, he said, “I became concerned as a Christian because of what was going on in the social media in recent times. I grew up to see my parents giving tithes and offering religiously. I became concerned when I saw people on social media asking the church ‘what do they do with the tithe and offering?’

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“For us to get to this point in our nation, and in the history of churches in Nigeria, something must have gone wrong somewhere.”

Vice President of CASON and Senior Pastor of First Assembly, Pastor Steve Akoni while talking on the state of church administration and the professional practice of how to run the church said, “statistically it’s being found out that many pastors who are trained in church administration and leadership are actually focused on the theological aspect, spiritual dimension of church administration and ministry ethics.”

The conference anchor and legal adviser of CASON, Barrister Tomi Vincent disclosed that the reason for the meeting was to achieve empowerment as church leaders, organizations without hurting the work that God has given to the church.

The conference had in attendance: Pastor Godman Akinlabi of Elevation Church and host of CASON conference; Prophet Dr. Olumuyiwa Samuel Oshodi, Senior Shepherd of the Celestial Church of Christ (CCC), Ayilara Parish and president of largest CCC crusade; Bishop Ajose Theophilus, former chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria, Ikeja Chapter and General Overseer Prophetic Prayers Ministries Nigeria; Dr. Lara Adelusi, founder of Nehemiah Hope Initiatives and Chief Executive Officer Sheba Centre and other ministers of God.

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