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Democracy is defined and popularly known as the government of the people for the people and by the people. This definition is suggestive of democracy as a system of government  that has its foundation on the people but is undergoing serious attacks from the enemies of the people. Therefore, this results to lack of respect for nationality, race and even religion. For as it is in the developing countries, so it is also in the advanced countries of the world especially America which is the beacon of light and a stronghold of democracy.

The January 6th insurrection against the Capito Hill which is a symbol of democracy is one historical event that can never be erased as long as the earth remains.

One begins to wonder if there is any particular system of government in the world that fits in for description as perfect. The truth that must be told is that there is no such system that is perfect and that is because as long as humans remain as operators of any system, perfection will always remain elusive.

This situation brings to mind an understanding gained from discoveries made in the medical field in relation to what wellness actually means.

It was believed initially that wellness connotes the absence of a disease but as the span of human life increased, new discoveries were made with regards to what wellness actually means.

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Wellness therefore is not the absence of a disease but living well with a disease. With the imperfection that characterizes the make up of human, it will be completely out of place to believe that one particular system of government has to be in place for people not to be out of place and living well. The problem with democracy as a system of government can not be surmounted without the will by the people to make the most out of it at all times and regardless of the differences in geographical locations.

The hypocrisy of the international community in relation to the lackadaisical attitude shown to events in the African continent is becoming obvious and finding itself in the front burner.

It is not enough to introduce a system of government to a people as the best while the real power to follow through by monitoring how the actors in each of the countries that claim to be in democracy are performing. Most of the countries especially in Africa who claim to be in democracy only practice it in theory. For of what use is a system of government that promises to give equality, liberty and freedom to the people without justice. So it is not enough to claim to be in democracy.

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It is important to live by the principles which guarantee for the people’s freedom of speech, association and the right to serve determination.

What the leaders in Nigeria are practicing as a system of government is far from democracy because democracy has its essence in the people. Here in this part of the world that is called Nigeria, people have been dehumanized, demoralized and reduced to the level of animals and that is why the life of a cow is of much value to the Buhari led government than that of a human being.

Nigeria is a breeding place for all forms of terrorism acts and if nothing is done to checkmate what is currently on-going, the world will pay dearly for it.

To avoid a recurrence of the 9/11 attack on the American state, the Biden administration is called upon to as a matter of urgency to appoint a special envoy who will be saddled with the responsibility of curtailing the excesses of the Buhari led government and bring an end to the Fulani agenda of ethnic and religious cleansing in Nigeria.

Nigeria is nothing but a shadow of its original self. The glory of God has departed and this makes the country fit in for description as “Ichabod”.

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Self agitations going on in different parts of the country called Nigeria today are just a peak of the iceberg and a wake up call to America and all the super powers to rush in and save the harvest of the world from decadence. A stitch in time saves nine and a word is enough for the wise.

It is time to sanction Nigeria for in doing so, lies not only the peace of Nigerians in particular but that of the world at large.

It is time to rescue the soul of not only Nigeria or Africa but the world in general. The world should have learnt a lesson from the COVID-19 pandemic which almost led the world into extinction. One nation as well as one man can make a difference either for good or for bad.

Now is the acceptable time for tomorrow may be too late.


Samuel Tunji Adeyanju.




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