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So far, so good. The journey has been demanding and exhilarating. It is also an attestation to the truism of the saying that “tough times don’t last but tough people do.” If nothing is visible or tangible to command a heartfelt appreciation, life is more than enough as a reason.

Today being the last and 365th day is significant for one important thing, which amongst others signifies the supremacy of the humanity over all other creatures in that if we see what happens to us as 10 percent and how we react as 90 percent, then we can say we are in charge, but it takes understanding of who we are for us to be able to understand what happened to us, why it happened to us, and how to overcome. The whole world, regardless of differences such as race, nationality, and ethnicity, is at attention with regard to the crossing over from one year to another, and why this is so attention-driven is because of the limitation of man with regard to the ability to see beyond the present. It could be likened to an adventure of uncertainty. This situation, which comes up once in a year, reveals the religious nature of man and the dominion of the divinity on humanity. The pertinent question to ask about how people think, feel, and relate to the transition from one year to another is, what makes the difference between the transition that takes place on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, and the yearly. Why does the yearly transition command so much attention over the others? One likely answer will be that every event is invented by man, and that accounts for why failure is not a person but an event.

Man is limited and living in time, which also is limited. These, both man and time, are controlled by the unlimited, which is God. The purpose of this message is to open our understanding to the unlimited potential that we carry and which undergoes a daily renewal by God. We can do all things at all times if only we can connect with the supernatural, the heavenlies, and the product of divinity. If mindsets can be changed right here and now with an aspiration that is geared toward helping enough people to get what they need in the year 2022, just little prayers would be needed before we begin to experience the flow of abundance in our direction. The key to being relevant and significant is the ability to discover a need and to meet it. Discovery is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what no one has thought.

There is nothing that will happen on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis here on the earth that will not have its control domiciled in the heavenlies. That is the realm of the divine. It’s not late nor impossible for you to take charge of the new year 2022 right now from where you are. All you need to do is to change your mind and see your world changed.

Another essential ingredient is your presence.. Many unknowingly have been absent from their duty posts since January and are still absent up to this moment. This is a wake-up call! You cannot be absent and be present at the same time, and as is a bird that wanders away from her nest, so is a man who wanders away from his place.

The little time we have is more than enough to return to our place of primary assignment, for until that is done,, we will find ourselves in the new year but with our old selves and when a new wine is poured into an old wineskin, the result is disastrous. The skin will bust, and the wine will spill.

On a final note, as I wish you a wonderful and happy new year, I invite you also to get onto your marks, get ready, and take off into the skies. Happy New Year!


Samuel ‘Tunji Adeyanju


Photo by Isabela Kronemberger on Unsplash

Photo 2 by Braden Collum on Unsplash

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