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Revolution in political science, is a sudden change in power or a switch of a political organization due to citizens turning against such government. A call for revolution arises when there’s a call against incompetence and oppression – political, social or economical by the population in a state or country.


Getting to know about the French and American revolution, we have come to discover and learn that the former was bad while the latter became otherwise. Both the American and French wanted a change from being ruled by an absolute ruler and had social and economic instability from war debt. How about the Russian revolution, which is probably nothing to write home about.



When we generally learn about Revolution, we see it as being capable of dividing an entire state and breeding numerous problems.

Most of the violent revolutions that occurred in the past century were never anticipated. They were unexpected and claimed thousands of lives. Even though these revolutions had in fact been foreseen, the outcomes were very much unexpected.

Whenever revolution is chosen most times, there’s always a tendency to go out of control, destroying lives and properties and possibly divide a country.


However, revolution is not a bad idea. Despite the problems that arise or the fact that most revolutions turn out terrible, the idea of turning to revolution has always been necessary. Why? If there’s a wrong way to protest, then there’s a right way to do it also. We necessarily do not always need violence before we get actions taken. Lives don’t need to be taken and properties do not need to be destroyed for change to be provoked.

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Sadly, some people never advocate for peace. Instead of being themselves, they become mindless anarchists, advocates of destruction and infiltrators of peace.


In our revolutionary acts, we should be peaceful even when the ‘men in uniform’ are the first to attack. No one is saying peaceful protesters don’t exist. They exist and they don’t intend to destroy lives, properties, kill, loot or fight. Their intention is to initiate and establish a new political system and transform an entire society.


In all, revolution is not a curse but a blessing that needs to be handled with wisdom for the good of all.

By Grace Ololade Rauf

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