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A man that is born of a woman has just a few days, and those days are full of trouble. One thing to do when trouble comes is to not go with them. There is no nation of the earth that is completely independent, and the same applies to humans. The Covid-19 pandemic has to a large extent, revealed the inadequacies of the human race. If not for divine intervention, the human race would have gone into extinction.

Every other thing or all things may differ, be it race, colour, gender, but, one thing that is uniquely similar are the features that we are all born with. For instance, every human being has two eyes, a nose, hands, legs and so on and so forth. These attributes that we share without making any input before they happened, clearly indicates our communality or vulnerability. We all cannot deny the existence of higher powers; powers which we might perceive the same way, yet respond or react to differently.

For instance, we all feel the rain the same way, because it comes down in the same manner– cold not hot. We also feel the breeze the same way. It is either warm or cold. These are some of the realities of life that humans have no choice or option, than to come to terms with.

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Regardless of how you perceive the higher powers, which more often than not, is referred to as God; without our allegiance to Him, we will remain limited, helpless and hopeless. Borrowing a leaf from one of the sayings of the wisest king that ever lived, which I quote;


“Except the lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it. Except the
Lord keep the city, the watchmen are awake, but in vain. It is vain for you to
rise up early and sit up late, still eating the bread of sorrow for so it gives his
beloved sleep…”
                                                    — Psalm 127


No great accomplishment was ever made without hard work and resilience. Nonetheless, fifty years of hard work cannot be compared with a dose of God’s grace. Humans are limited, in every sense of the word, but connecting one’s self to the unlimited provides a divine capacity for maximum performance in our quests for development. We should be mindful of our blind spots, by leaning on God’s help to see us through in the darkest hours of life.

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On a final note, until divinity is brought to bear on humanity, lasting peace for the world becomes unattainable, and remains elusive.

                               Samuel Tunji Adeyanju

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