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Kadiri Rahis, a member of House of Representatives, representing Maiduguri Metropolitan Council, MMC in Borno State, has sacked his legislative aide, Bukar Kurama Tanda, for controversial “actions, utterances and opinions” while also distancing himself from Tanda’s actions.

Hon. Abdulkadir Rahis, member of the House of Representatives representing Maiduguri Metropolitan Federal Constituency of Borno State.

The sack came 24 hours after Bukar Kurama Tanda openly celebrated the vicious leader of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau, who masterminded the killings of thousands of Borno people and some other parts of the country. Tanda had described Shekau as a “true hero.

Tanda, the former legislative aide wrote on his Facebook wall on Thursday afternoon:

“I admire and appreciate his (Shekau’s) courage to terminate his life. He lived a life of a hero and died a true hero. He did it in such a way that not even traces of his corpse will be found”.

In quick response, representative Kadiri Rahis dismissed Tanda and distanced himself from the former aide.

“I wish to formally write and notify you of the termination of your appointment as my legislative aide, forthwith.”

“Your actions, utterances and opinions of recent are at variance with my interest, that of my constituency and our great party, the APC.”

“This letter also serves as disclaimer to any action or position you took or wish to take, on any matter that any have the remotest connection with me as a person or my office” Rahis wrote in a sack letter addressed to Tanda.

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House Member aide, Bukar Tanda.

Tanda’s comment has been roundly condemned for exposing the people of Borno to constant accusations from the military, alleging that some residents sympathize with Boko Haram fighters who have since 2009, killed countless number of people of all ages, majority of the men from hundreds of communities in Borno and parts of the northeast.

Boko Haram, as it has been reported, has also abducted and raped women, rendered more than 50,000 women widows and turned more than 50,000 children orphans. The insurgents have also displaced close to two million people in Borno, destroyed many communities, schools, hospitals, and other public and private facilities.
Sources said security agencies may investigate Tanda’s open sympathy for the dreaded Boko Haram leader.

By Samuel Kayode

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