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A religious peace group, National Inter-Faith and Religious Organizations has enjoined Nigerians to join them on a 30 days intercession programme organized for Ex-President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo.

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo

Dailytimes reports that President of the group, Bishop Musa Garuba, who spoke at a press conference on Tuesday in Abuja, was reacting to recent comments by the former president about the state of the nation and the Muhammadu Buhari-led government. The group was critical of former president Obasanjo over what they described as “disturbing” comments.

The President of the Group stressed that during the fast, Nigerians should pray for the troubled soul of former President and as well call on God to chase away the demons tormenting him.

The group’s call was contained in a speech read by Bishop Garuba. It said “The content of the piece written by Dr. Obasanjo, were disturbing. The piece was disturbing because of what it connotes. On the surface it appeared like a recrimination of the present administration, but those led in the spirit see the content like the confession of someone that has committed too many spiritual atrocities while under the influence of some evil forces.

“Unfortunately, maybe because of the unacceptable practice of trial by ordeal and lynching that is still practiced in some parts of the country, people have been attacking Dr. Obasanjo instead of listening to his cry for help.

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“The old man is practically seeking absolution for the things went wrong during his tenure as president of Nigeria between May of 1999 and May 2007 and all many people are doing is to condemn him without offering a helping hand.

“We understand that there are political, economic, medical, and security dimension to issues but the things happening to Dr. Obasanjo now are beyond the ordinary for these areas we have identified are mortal and ordinary. The problem with the former president is spiritual and it is becoming a thing of shame for citizens. It is a reproach that the former leader must be saved from because it affects the entire country.

“We have not been able to get to the bottom of this his seeming confessions, neither have we been able to have a private intervention session with him but with what we have seen of his public outing in recent time there is every indication that his earthly form has been hijacked by the occult. The possession must date back to the occultism practice that was dominant during his administration.

“Other areas that have compromised him are the indiscriminate killings of innocent people during his tenure; the blood of the righteous is crying for justice and we do not know what voices Dr. Obasanjo hears.

“We understand that his family remains concerned that God cursed him as the only Nigerian leader to have ever slept with his son’s wife. In recognition of the fact that there is nothing prayers cannot solve, the National Inter-Faith and Religious Organizations for Peace is holding and appealing to Nigerians to join it for a 30-day prayer to seek God’s intervention for the deliverance of former President Dr. Olusegun Obasanjo from his demons.

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“Those who feel inclined or led can add fasting as they intercede on behalf of the former leader. As a guide, the 30-day prayer begins tonight and those willing to participate can do so from their homes. Those who are led to congregate in groups are welcome to do so.

“We have the following prayer points: That God should forgive Dr. Olusegun Obasanjo of all his sins against himself, his family, his neighbors and associates, Nigeria and humanity. That God should banish the demons that have taken over Dr. Olusegun Obasanjo’s body, reasoning faculty and personality. That God should guide Dr Obasanjo not reject the timely help being offered him to reject his occult connections. That God should bring peace to Dr. Obasanjo’s troubled soul. That God should not judge Nigeria based on Chief Obasanjo’s sins. That God should severe, terminate and expunge all occult covenants that Onbasanjo signed Nigeria into during his tenure. That God should save Nigeria from Dr. Olusegun Obasanjo’s machinations while he remains under the influence of the occult.

“As we pray these and other prayers, we acknowledge the central role of forgiveness. We therefore invite Nigerians, whom Obasanjo might have offended in and out of power, to please forgive him so that his life can get back on track and become free of the darkness that is tormenting him. We extend the same appeal to the relations of those that were killed under his watch to forgive him. They can stand in the place of their slain family members to forgive the former president.

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“We appeal to Nigerians that they should please treat this appeal as urgent because it is a matter of time before Dr. Obasanjo becomes like the Biblical character that will wish and beg for death, yet death will fail to come for him. At the end of his days he will be behaving abnormally being denied death while being tormented by a horrible.”

Culled from DailyTimes. Read here.

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