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Catholic Bishop of Awka Diocese, Paulinus Ezeokafor has called on Nigerians to keep faith with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and adjust to the inconveniences caused by the shift in the dates of the elections.

The Bishop gave the advice at a news conference in Awka on Sunday, adding that people should stop blaming INEC for shifting the election dates from February 16 and March 2 to February 23 and March 9, but rather they should support the decisions of INEC to achieve credible elections.

Ezeokafor said, “The process is being handled by human beings and there are bound to be errors, so we should stop mourning our fate. Nigerians must keep faith with INEC because that is the only body that can create the platform for us to choose our leaders.”

Ezeokafor stated that instead of blaming people, efforts should be turned toward getting the people to maintain their zeal and cast their votes during the election, News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports.

He cautioned those instigating the resignation of the INEC chairman, Professor Mahmood Yakubu, emphasizing that the commission must have acted in the interest of Nigeria’s democracy.

The cleric said, “The decision must have been informed by high sense of patriotism on the part of INEC; staggered election comes with so much consequences including manipulation. There is no need calling for the head of the INEC chairman, he has demonstrated that he means well for Nigerians and only he can deliver that task at this stage.

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“We should stop counting the cost because it is huge, rather we should maintain our zeal to vote for any person we want no matter the sacrifice we have to make.”

Ezeokafor concluded by pleading with the electorates to avoid vote buying as it was not a good practice and a sin against the society and God.

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