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Following Saturday’s election postponement by the country’s electoral umpire, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Paul Enenche has sought for calm from Nigerians.

The Pastor who made the plea on Sunday at the Glory Dome told Nigerians that no institution or group of people will intentionally agree to disgrace the nation.

Enenche who is adding his voice to the several reactions from various quarters over the postponement urged Nigerians to go all out on the newly fixed date, this coming Saturday, and vote rather than be discouraged.

“People travelled to places for this election and they have to return, please anywhere you can get money do and travel back.

“Nigeria is at a very strategic junction; the destiny of the nation is at stake. We believe the Bible and it says all things woks together for good so I believe the moment of election is meant for good to them that loves God.

“Do you remember when I said there will be many dramas and we are at the tail end of these dramas but listen to this we don’t know the details but Jehovah knows. We do what we can and leave what we can’t. It’s our duty to go out again and do what we need to do. We vote conscience, what we can defend before God, fear nothing, don’t say your vote will not count go and do it and let God make it count, God is on how side in this election and the victory is assured.

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“Don’t be tired hit the road again and discharge your civic responsibility, do what you are meant to do and God will do what only him can do.

“Don’t be too angry with INEC, I can see everything turning around. I don’t think anybody or institution will deliberately decide to disappoint the whole few hours to voting, I don’t think anybody would agree to bring the whole nation to shame before the whole world. Every time you see the rat out of the hole in the day time you know something is up so don’t over curse INEC just calm down and let us do what is expected of us and God will do his way.” He concluded.

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