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Founder of Mountain of Blessing and Miracle Church of Christ, Prophet Faleyimu Olagoroye has spoken on his prediction concerning popular nollywood actress, Funke Akindele Bello and the birth of her twins.

Olagoroye had predicted that the actress was not destined to have kids, giving her different solutions which she must perform if she really wanted to become a mother.

In spite of the prophet’s claims, the actress and her husband JJC Skillz, welcomed a set of twins last year December which caused her fans to name the prophet ‘fake’ on social media.

Yorubamoviegist reports that the clergyman said, “About Funke Akindele, she was a nobody when I have been giving out revelation about her. It was revealed to me that she will be very rich and famous but she will find it difficult to have a child, only prayers can help her out.

“One of the things I said was that she should go for deliverance and she should ask God with her mouth what she want, not to go to pastors or prophets for prayers. If I pray for her to have a baby, no miracle will happen, the only thing she can do is to pray with her mouth or she get married to someone who is not up to her standard. Then, when she is pregnant, her wealth will be reducing.

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“After she delivered, it was revealed to me that she got the baby through IVF. If Funke Akindele had followed any of the 3 solutions I gave her, she would have been pregnant naturally.

“People should read Genesis 25 vs 21-26, Genesis 3 vs 9-24, Genesis 17 -21, and 1Samuel 25-28, you will see people who are looking for the fruits of the womb from God and see how God answered them naturally, not through scientific method… It is a scientific method which is not in the Bible. Jesus Christ was born through Holy Spirit not IVF.” Olagoroye said.

However, comments from the actress’s fans have trailed the prophet’s claim on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Kemaiah took to Instagram to comment on the story, writing, “God is never an author of confusion!!!! I dnt believe God can reveal this kind of thing to him, and the best way to go about it, is going public about it. NO WAY!!”

Liviannomsky added, “Sir IVF or not, if not approved by God it won’t come to pass. You are a pastor so u should knw that with God all things are possible. If it didn’t go according to what you clam God showed you. Pls don’t criticize.”

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