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It’s a miracle!  That must be how at least some of the survivors of a recent Mexican plane crash are describing their survival of the ordeal.  103 people were on board and all survived, although 97 of them were injured.


Among the survivors was the Reverend Esequiel Sanchez.  He was surprised that the plane took off during a rainstorm that was occurring at the time.  He said, “I had a feeling it would be a bumpy ride.”  According to Faithwire, when troubles arose, Father Sanchez did not know if he and the other passengers on the plane were going to die, but he was “getting ready for it.”


His prayer was “God, come to our aid.  Secondly, forgive us, and everyone on the plane.”


Another passenger, Ramin Parsa said he knew something was wrong initially after takeoff.  He told the BBC that the plane started “bouncing, shaking and sliding” after it hit the ground.  “All the lights went off and then there was smoke inside the cabin.  People were panicking and screaming.  It was a miracle of God that we survived.”


One passenger recalled that she and her daughter jumped through a hole in order to escape.  Another passenger, a local politician on the flight, said he was lucky because he was able to still escape through the main door.

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Aeroméxico flight AM2431 was en route from Durango to Mexico City when it crashed.  According to the BBC and local media, the airline has a good safety record–its last deadly accident was in 1981.

After the crash of flight AM2431, the plane caught on fire.  Most of the passengers were able to escape before this occurred.  Some believe that the heavy rains may have helped put out the fire more quickly.


In this year’s accident, many of the injuries were minor, but the pilot was among the more seriously injured.  He was in need of a spinal operation, and a young girl suffered severe burns.


The Chief Executive, Andres Conesa, of Aeroméxico issued this statement: “Our heart is with those affected and their families. We are deeply saddened by this incident and we would like to assure everyone that Group Aeroméxico [is] offering its support, thoughts and prayers to those affected and their families. We are doing everything in our reach to assist them and their families.”


Let us pray for the survivors of this crash for their speedy recovery, and let us give thanks for this wonderful miracle!


By Sharon Johnson

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