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The popular saying has always been that, there is light at the end of the tunnel. What agitates the mind is nothing close to the revelation that, from the beginning of the tunnel to the end of it, is a journey and not all those who embark on a journey end up at their hearty destinations. Be cognizant of the fact the propelling force of any meaningful journey is light and not lock. If light which is the propelling force is what is sought and which is believed to reside at the end of the tunnel, then the journey from the onset is aborted.  The belief that we have about ourselves is also the major cause of our ineffectiveness for what light does not expose should be nothing other than light. The presence of darkness and gross darkness as the Bible describes it, is a pointer to you as an existing light.

After death, is there light at the end of the tunnel?

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The pursuit of light after darkness makes darkness elusive continually. The Nigerian system has it is today is enigmatic, the more you look the less you see. It is also an attestation to the irresponsible act of replacing what is good with the bad, an action that gives credence to an elusive justification of these actions of making the saying “look before you leap” inferior to the saying that “whosoever hesitates is lost”. Wrong doings if not challenged can easily be mistaken for doing the right things.

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The kind of wisdom in operation and employed by our leaders in Nigeria is diabolical and the only antidote for the effects of such on Nigerians and the country Nigeria herself is the wisdom of God, I mean the Bible wisdom. Nigeria is in a game and only our leaders understand the type of game that it is and the rules of playing it. The good news is that the game and no matter what kind of rules govern its play, has to be played on the earth which belongs to God and while we still have our being which comes from God.

What The Bible Teaches About Wisdom – Encourage Yourself In The Lord

To this end, suffice to say to the oppressed Nigerians that the goal is no longer getting to the end of the tunnel before you get lighted, but it is that of engaging our light, that which we had been from the onset, lighting the tunnel as we go and finally explode into our world at the end of the tunnel as signs and wonders. The battle over the soul of Nigeria is finally won and this month of March 2021 shall be to all Nigerians the month of beginnings, for we shall look back at the Egyptians that we saw for a while and they shall not be seen forever.  Thus says the Lord of Hosts to Nigeria: THE SIEGE IS OVER. God Bless Nigeria.

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By Samuel Adeyanju

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