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Top 2 Reasons Why You Ought to Pray

Picture a person drowning in the middle of strong waves. The sky is dark. The rain is pouring hard. Lightning and thunder follow each other every second. The person is holding on to a piece of wood in trying to stay afloat, but every time, huge waves crash on them. Eventually, only an outstretched arm remains visible. Isn’t this a despairing picture? To drive closer home, what if this person is you?

Many times in life, we experience situations that seem to drown us in despair and hopelessness. We cling on to what we think is our hope but then, huge waves make us question such hope. What if a big ship comes along and throws you a lifeline? Wouldn’t you grab it immediately and hang on tight until you’re pulled up safe inside the ship?

This is what prayer is. It’s our lifeline. Being a Religious Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we put high value in prayer as we recognize that it’s our sole way to commune with God Almighty, who knows and owns and creates us. Thankfully, we always have a lifeline.

If prayer hasn’t been your regular habit, let us encourage you to start a new habit today. Consider the following:

  • Prayer Strengthens our Relationship with God
    Prayer is the way for us to express our intentions, petitions, and requests to God. It’s our channel of communication with Him. We only communicate with someone whom we’re close with. Would you agree? We talk with strangers, but we communicate with our family and friends. Because of this, prayer helps us to find our strength in God in every situation, so that our relationship with Him is also strengthened. In our Charity Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we continue to encourage our team to pray because we know we’re only able to help others when He has helped us first. Let your relationship with God be strengthened today.
  • Prayers Help Us Obey God
    Prayer is not just the way for us to communicate with God, but it’s also an affirmation of our obedience to Him. In the Bible, God has called for His people to pray to Him. When people pray, they’re also recognizing that someone is higher, greater, and better than them. When people pray to God, they’re recognizing that this someone is God Himself, and no one else is like Him. When people pray, they’re acting out their obedience to believe that God is all-powerful.
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Jesus had exhorted his followers that they ought to pray, and also that, they ought to pray with the right motives. As a non profit organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we’ve also been confronted with the challenge of seeking the right motives in our programs and services. But we’re ever more reminded that the prayerful person can always be inclined to seek what God wants, hence, the right motives.

At GIANTABILITY, we encourage you, through prayer, to also keep in step with God in everything that you do.

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