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The above scriptural passage seems to appear obsolete for many Christians today owing to many ordeals and trials they are passing through in life. It hints that God is always with His children, not just being with them but helping them in their trying times.

However, it is regrettable that despite the passage’s awareness, many people have never quit asking series of questions about ugly situations in their life. Questions like: ‘God where were you when my loved one died?’ ‘When I was harshly dismissed from work?’ ‘When I was fiercely raped despite my fidelity?’ ‘When men of the underworld invaded my house and brutally disfigured my body and made away with my hard earned money? amongst others. Such cases are unfavorable to Christians who love God with their whole heart and strength, serving God in spirit and truth (John 4:24).

Many have tried everything humanly possible to solve their life problems but the fact remains that suffering in all ramifications has kept following them. To worsen the situation, they are confronted with mind boggling questions like in the days of Job saying; Where is your God? If your God is with you, why does He allow you pass through these ordeals? If He is with you as your healer, why is terminal sickness taking its toll in your life and family? etc. These are nagging questions that confront Christians in their relationship with God as they live their daily lives.

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Nevertheless, it will be pertinent to create our awareness that at a point in Christ‘s life on earth, when He felt the absence of God in His life, He cried out in a loud voice on the cross of Calvary saying: ‘Eloi Eloi Lama Sabachtani’ (Mark 15:34). Prophet Jeremiah at a point in time felt abandoned by God when He cried out, “Lord You have deceived me” (Jeremiah 20:7). Joseph experienced his abandonment while in the pit where his brothers threw him before selling him. The apostles felt abandoned also while in the boat with Jesus (Mark 4). All these biblical mentors amongst many others, even Abraham before he bore a son experienced same. After all the challenge, they became victorious due to their attitude and approach towards the situation. We can perceive from them an attitude of trust, obedience and absolute faith in God

Christians should furnish their lifestyle with total trust and faith in God even if it entails dying for God’s sake, for men who trust God do not rust. No matter the raging storm, no matter how deep the wound is, absolute trust in God remains the sure way to victory. Joseph as an instance trusted God till the last moment making him end up in the palace instead of the pit or prison.

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Trust God every moment for He is bigger than all problems life seems to shove at us. Faith and trust in God has remained a veritable means of pleasing God.

Since God’s way is not the way of man, our confidence should hinge on the supreme authority and unfailing power of the living word of God for His promises are ‘Yea and Amen’ (2corinthians 1:20). God cannot lie, He has never failed and He will never fail no matter how precarious and fetid our seeming circumstances of abandonment may appear.

Though sometimes God may allow us pass through crisis that we may be fortified to overcome tougher crisis ahead (if any). He carries us through seasons of difficulty into a palace of victory (Job and Joseph). More so, we should be conscious of the fact that without the cross there is no crown. Every problem in life has an expiring date, there is no champion without stories of challenges and to be a warrior you must experience war.

Hence, we need to develop a resolute attitude of confidence in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the I am that I am, the Lion of tribe of Judah, the Alpha and Omega for He alone can flush out the frustration and confusion bedeviling our lives. He alone can turn tears into cheers, disappointments into appointments, ridicules into miracles. GOD WILL NEVER FAIL AND NEVER ABANDON US.

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By: Chisom Chimbuo

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