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SNigeria is unanswered questions; whereas, the best questions are those that are asked. It follows therefore that Nigeria remains unanswered not only because the people who are supposed to ask questions are not doing so but because Nigeria itself is an enigma, a puzzle that is difficult to unravel. In a situation like this where people seem not to understand the makeup of the country’s foundation, they are therefore not different from those who know where they love to be but do not know how to get there. Suffice to say that Nigeria as an entity born by the expedience of the scramble for and the partition of Africa was not properly designed to last. There is no point recounting wolves when we can make a way out of the wolves.

There is a saying that ‘when Nigeria sneezes, the rest of Africa catches cold.’ This can be either in the positive or in the negative depending on perceptions. As long as Nigeria is more indebted to the international communities than all other African nations, it follows therefore that rather than being a blessing, it is a burden. There is always a way where there is a will. Nigeria can be viewed as a garden while our will serves as instruments for keeping the garden and to the glory of God. It now dawns on us who are passionately observing events, especially political, as they unfold in the country that the kangaroo constitutional amendment exercise is a ruse. What the politicians are after is how to get busy until 2023 for they themselves understand well that what Nigeria needs at this point is a brand new constitution and the only alternative to that is self-determination by the ethnic groups agitating for freedom.

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The problem of insecurity, rather than abating is on the rise and with an increase in the number of lives lost to bandits on a daily basis. The stay at home order by the ISOP of May 31st was a success and that is a pointer to the fact that the Nigerian state is not far from anarchy. What is the way forward for Nigeria? If you don’t know where you are going, every road you see looks like the one to your destination. That was how Nigeria began. Now that we have been on this wrong road for 62 years, and still fit in for description as motion without movement, would you consider continuing on the wrong road or make a U-turn? Until we return, we are bound to end up in the wrong destinations.


Getting a brand new constitution for Nigeria and restructuring the country are options for the earlier years but overtaken by avoidable circumstances. We can’t continue to be busy and not productive. The only way now is to look in the direction of the agitators and buy into their visions. There is nothing to fear but the fear itself and doubting our doubt is a great task that must be done.

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Finally, let’s call a spade a spade. The entity called Nigeria has to be broken into actulizable proportions for it to work. Using this medium to announce to all living Yorubas worldwide that there shall be a mega rally worldwide on 12th of June where Yorubas are expected to march and create awareness about the ‘yet to be born’ Yoruba Nation. Please connect with relevant platforms for more information. However, we promise to update you as developments unfold. Together, we can make it work. Be blessed.

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