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Pastor Enenche in Rage over Kaduna Killings

Senior Pastor of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Dr. Paul Enenche has voiced out his rage over the ongoing killings in Kaduna State.

The cleric expressed his fury on the recent abduction and murder of the paramount ruler of Adara Chiefdom, Agwom Adara, His Royal Highness, Maiwada Raphael Galadima whose lifeless body was found in a village close to Kaduna town.

This is also as several persons lost their lives last week, while many houses were torched in the renewed ethno-religious crisis in Kaduna State, a development that prompted the state governor, Nasir el-Rufai to declare a 24-hour curfew in Kaduna town and its environs.

Speaking during a church service on Sunday, Enenche maintained that there was a satanic agenda to wipe out Christianity from the face of the country.

He also came hard on elected leaders who contribute to making life unbearable for the people who voted them into power, especially the Christians rather than protect their citizens.

Enenche declared that those behind the killings in Kaduna would perish alongside their generations.

He called on the United Nations and the entire international community to stop some persons, who are bent on destroying the country, Nigeria.

He said, “I don’t know if there is Sunday service in Kaduna town right now. They have a 24-hour lockdown. That is the worst that has ever happened in this country. People are not allowed to go out; we are receiving text messages from people who are crying that their foodstuffs have been exhausted.

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“Because of the demon agent. Wicked demon agent! God will soon finish with them. Wicked demon agent making life unbearable for people.

“That is why we need to pray for this country because these people are wicked and heartless.

“A pastor sent me a text message yesterday, informing me how a fellow pastor was killed in southern Kaduna.

“He cried out that all the foodstuffs in his house have finished and they are locked indoors 24-hours.

“I have only heard of dusk to dawn curfew, but this time around, it is 24 hours, no movement anywhere within the state, including no church, is that not an anti-Christ agenda?

“The paramount ruler of Adara Chiefdom, Agwom Adara, His Royal Highness, Maiwada Raphael Galadima, a First Class Chief was recently kidnapped and killed.

“We were told that earlier this year, all the chiefdoms in Kaduna were asked to come under the emirate system, but he (Galadima) objected.

“He was the most vocal person among the monarchs in the state. He insisted that they would not be subjected to another religion. Then, problem began, and in just one hour; over 200 persons were killed in Kasuwa Magani by terrorists’ agents.

“Then, the governor summoned him and other chiefs for peace talks. However, on his way from the meeting organized by the governor, he was kidnapped. Is it not a wonder to find out who abducted him? His police orderly was killed. Four of his own personal security details were also killed and he was whisked away to an unknown destination alongside his wife. The wife was later released.

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“A few days later, his dead body was discovered along the Kaduna-Abuja Highway.

“Is it not an insult? It is like pouring excreta on the face of such a people. And they think nobody is going to ask who killed such a person? But God is going to kill these killers. God is going to deal with their generation and lineage.

“I am saying this so you can understand what is happening in this nation; so you don’t sleep and forget yourself. Enough is enough. All these people, it is anarchy you are looking for.

“In Kaduna town right now, once they strike in north, the people will retaliate in the south. And sadly enough, once this thing happens, they would send heavy security to the Christian area to prevent them from defending themselves.

“I want to say to all of you in the name of Jesus, your plan has failed. You didn’t come with any development plan; you didn’t come with any social plan. No plan for improvement of life in anyway; only a bloodshed agenda, but that agenda has perished with you and your generation.

“Nigeria before this time was ranked 136th in the global corruption index but it moved from that position within three years to 142th. That is corruption multiplied by 6 digits under the so-called anti corruption government. It is an indication that people are stealing more money than ever before.

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“One of them was indicted from NHIS; he was sacked, but instead of going, the same government brought him back even after he embezzled some billions. He was reinstated by the same leadership. This is sad.

“Let us circulate this so people would know what is happening in Kaduna and in our nation at large. They can’t destroy this nation under our watch.

“We call on the United Nations and the entire international community that there are people hell bent on destroying Nigeria, but they will never succeed.

“I was moved to say this because as we speak, our people in Kaduna can’t go to church because of the 24-hour lockdown. Some are only watching this service at their various home cells. Enough is enough.”


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