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Pause, Pray and Trust in God That All Will Be Okay

Are tough times worrying you, and do you feel like your prayers are not even heard in the slightest way possible? Different challenges may come through our lives, but through prayers and our trust in the Lord, He will never take us anywhere He cannot save us. These challenges may just be exercises to strengthen our character and spirit.

We have witnessed many tears and stories of trials and successes at our Religious Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, and we wish to inspire more families and individuals to keep praying and to hold on to their faith because we are all entitled to rest and lift our problems to God, our Father and Savior, and with our hard work and prayers, all will be okay.

As Jesus himself said in Matthew 11:18 (NKJV): “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

  • Learn to pause
    The reason people get so easily overwhelmed is because they do not take the time to step back from the things that come their way. More often than not, they go through life head-on, not remembering to look back on the past experiences or to learn from others to avoid hardships. Learning to pause, to not reply to messages or attacks from people on social media can be life-saving. This can even save us from ourselves in the future when we would thank our old self for not making any rash decisions.
  • Take time to pray
    Meditation can be a form of prayer: to get in touch with your body and your breathing to clear your thoughts and make room for positivity in your life. Praying is our chance to give a few minutes to God and not rush right into our day. Praying does not necessarily mean to ask for something. It can oftentimes be used as thanksgiving.
  • Trust in God
    We often see individuals at our Charity Organization in Indianapolis, Indiana who have lost their faith in God and in life. As one big family, we guide them to positivity, to not lose faith and trust in God because there is a reason for everything and that their experiences can become instruments and blessings to themselves and others.
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The Lord reminds us that He is always there to receive us, hear us, and help us. But it is because of our human ways that we shy away from help and be so prideful to go about doing with what needs to be done because we think we can do all things on our own. Through the challenges we come across, we are reminded that come what may, the Lord is always there for us, even when we do not even spare a minute of our day to talk to Him.

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