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What Are the Right Places to Put Your Anchor?

In the 21st century, fear has become more of an illusion than a real phenomenon. For instance, we might overthink a situation, worry about what other people think, or simply get anxious about uncertainties in life. As a religious organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we believe in how futile it is to continue living in anxiety. In the last days, we must be anchored in the truth. It’s the truth that gives us peace despite the storms.

Here are the right places you can put your anchor into:

  • Be anchored in the Word of God.
    You can only know God’s particular instructions for you by reading the Bible. His words and the people that God uses as instruments to teach you about His will at a charity organization in Indianapolis, Indiana will help you determine the right path. As David says, “Your word is a lamp unto my feet.”
  • Be anchored on what Jesus has done.
    Acknowledging what Jesus has done for you is enough of a spiritual compass. Let the way He took be your footsteps.
  • Be anchored to the perfect knowledge of God.
    Check your perception of God. Don’t settle on the knowledge of understanding God the way you want Him to be. Let God reveal Himself to you.
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Non profit organizations in Indianapolis, Indiana such as GIANTABILITY are here to support you through ups and downs in life. Reach out to us today!

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