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How do you define prayer? As a religious organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, our answer at GIANTABILITY is this: prayer is our communication with God. Communication is vital for people in a relationship. This means that when we pray, we’re establishing or expressing our desire to be in a relationship with God Almighty.

Sometimes, however, we find it difficult to talk with God when we come to terms with His invisible being. How do we talk with someone whom we cannot see? So we share this five-point guide of prayer that is based on our five fingers. We follow the pattern of the fingers as you put your hands together close to your chest in a gesture of prayer.

  1. Thumb
    The thumb is closest to our heart when we fold our hands close to our chest in prayer. This finger should remind us to pray for those who are very near our hearts. They are our loved ones and significant relationships. Pray for your parents, children, spouse, best friends, and other people that you have close relations with.
  2. Forefinger
    When someone asks you the way to the mall, you use your forefinger to direct them, right? The forefinger stands for the people around us who give us direction. They are the teachers, preachers, and professors. They are the people in our community who provide instruction and direction to those who need such lessons.
  3. Middle finger
    As the tallest among the five, the middle finger signifies authority and leadership. This finger reminds you to pray for the leaders in your workplace, city, state, and country. Pray for the people in whose authority God, in His Sovereignty, has placed you under.
  4. Ring finger
    The fourth finger is thought to be the weakest among the five as sometimes it can’t be raised on its own. This reminds us to pray for those who are sick, hospitalized, without homes, and suffering. Let’s pray for those who are rejected, marginalized, abused, and those who can’t defend themselves.
  5. Pinkie finger
    The last and smallest finger represents yourself. It signifies how small you are compared to the greatness of God. This finger reminds us that we need to depend solely in God Almighty, because He’s sufficient to meet our needs and to care for us.
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Do you think that the five-finger prayer guide is helpful? There are still other ways to pray. You can also share with us your special prayer requests and we can help you pray for your specific concerns or your loved ones. Also, as a non-profit organization in Indianapolis, Indiana, we hold activities that cater to the needs of our brethren who are in need. If you’d like to join our outreach programs, feel free to keep in touch with us at GIANTABILITY.

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